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Barton Jones have become leaders in the supply of packaging and associated products to industry, commerce and retail. We appreciate that off-the-shelf packaging does not always provide a satisfactory solution to all packaging needs. Barton Jones have the knowledge to design, supply and stock hold tailor made packaging.

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Corrugated Cartons and Boxes

A large range of flat pack cartons are available off the shelf in single or double wall thickness. Cartons can be manufactured to your specific requirements. Please visit our website for the reference numbers and measurements of our available cartons.

Strapping and Equipment

Various styles of strapping seals and buckles are held in stock to cater for different applications and strapping widths. A range of corner edge protectors are also readily available.

Polypropylene strapping can be applied using three type of machinery:

  • A combination tool
  • A two-part system
  • Semi and fully automatic bench top strapping machines

Please visit our website for more information.


Layflat tubing is a continuous roll of polythene sleeving used for making various length bags.

Our stock range of polythene bags is vast, comprising of light, medium and heavy duty grades. Specific requirements can be made to order.

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Shrink Film

Impulse heat sealers are ideally suited to sealing polythene bags or making your own bags from layflat tubing.

We can provide models fitted with a two-way replaceable cutter and electronic timer.

Please visit our website for more information on shrink film.

Shrink Film


We carry a wide range of tape products, including general packaging tapes grades, masking tapes, reinforced tape, protection film, double sided and gummed paper tape. Standard printed texts and many other specialist tapes can be supplied to suit a specific need.

Numerous types of tape dispensers can be supplied from our stock range. Visit our website for more information.

Postal Products

  • Padded bags offer high levels of protection for heavier items.
  • Lightweight padded bags comprise a lightweight bubble lining and a tear resistant outer paper.
  • We also supply 'Document Enclosed' wallets which are ideal fo attaching documents to parcels.
  • We can offer a full range of tubes to your specification, including printed and coloured paper covering.

Please visit our website for more information.

Pallet Wrapping

Clear stretch film is an effective way to stabilise pallet loads and protect against dirt, dust and moisture. We offer a universal, lightweight and robust stretch film dispenser.

Black stretch film is excellent for security and hides valuable products during transit, reducing the risk of pilferage.

We also supply mini hand stretch rolls ideal for wrapping, covering, bundling and collating.


Bubble film is a clean and versatile product supplied in small or large bubble and stocked in many different widths.

Polythelene foam is an ideal product for interleaving and wrapping. It is also an excellent product for absorbing knocks and providing surface protection to prevent scuffs.

Loosefill chips are an excellent packaging product for void filling and protecting products from shifting in transit.


Wrapping papers are available in pure, imitation and common brown qualities.

Pure is made from wood pulp and is best suited where strength and appearance are needed.

Tissue papers are available and these come in various sizes and quantities.

Bartons Jones also stock single faced corrugated paper.


We stock a diverse range of bubblewrap including small, large and anti-static varieties. Visit our website for a list of different rolls that we can supply.

Anti-Static Products

Both large and small bubble films are available in a pink anti-static grade. Bubble bags and sheets of this type are also an ideal packaging medium for sensitive electronic parts.

Black conductive bags and tubing provide basic shielding against static fields.

Metallic shielding bags offer a total barrier by proteting the contents from harmful static interference.

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