Batten & Allen Ltd


We supply custom, precision metal stamping to a wide variety of industry sectors. Our service includes design consultation, raw material choice, and manufacture. We provide precision metal stamping for the following industries:

  • medical
  • telecom
  • automotive
  • electronics

Precision Metal Pressings

We are a producer of precision metal pressings. We use our expertise to complete multi-out dies with constant speeds of up to 1,200 strokes per minute. Using our Bruderer presses, we have the capacity to produce up to 650 million precision metal pressings per month.

Stamped Metal Parts

In the creation of stamped metal parts, we have developed relationships with industry leading producers of non-ferrous alloys. We work with our customers through out the design and build process of stamped metal parts. When possible, we look to  identify “cost-down” solutions before a die is even built.

Stamped Metal Parts

Metal Stamping / Metal Pressing

Following our metal stamping and pressing processes, we also offer crop and form tooling to assist in your assembly and production.

When undertaking metal pressing and stamping, we are also acutely aware of particular EU directives on lead reduction as they apply to post electroplating. We are also able to offer advice on alternatives to leaded solder alloys.

Metal Stamping / Metal Pressing

Progression Tooling

We take great pride in our progession tooling and tool design services. By using AutoCAD, as well as wire erosion technology, we can achieve an efficient progression in the design and development of our tool-making.

Lead times in our progression tooling have been significantly reduced by our ability to choose only the relevant data for a specific tooling task.

Progression Tooling


We manufacture of edge clip leadframes for hybrid, thick film and PCB. We stock a wide variiety of standard pattern leadframes (open tooling) for immediate dispatch. We can supply quantities from one reel.

As an experienced leadframe provider, we supply major companies throughout Europe, USA and the Far East.

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