Bayphase Ltd.

Aims: Bayphase Limited is an INDEPENDENT CONSULTANCY with clear strengths in the upstream oil and gas business. Its aim is to assist Clients' operations in this arena - be they oil companies, governments, private investors, contractors or suppliers - by proactively assessing their assets, portfolios, investment strategies, technologies, and skills to enable them to maximise value.

Background: the company¿s team of geologists, reservoir and facilities engineers, and economists have extensive experience of confronting the real issues that contribute to value in today¿s oil and gas business. This experience has been brought to bear on projects ranging from some of the largest being implemented worldwide to some of the smallest. The company aims to deliver the highest standards on all assignments implemented ¿ whatever their size.

Services: the company offers consultancy services that offer support and expertise across the full range of the oil and gas decision making process:

* Prospect Evaluation
* Reserves Assessment and Valuation
* Asset Assessment, Valuation and Commercialisation
* Equity Sales and Purchases
* Engineering Feasibility Studies and Conceptual Design
* Third Party Assessments:
   ° Expert Witness Reports
   ° Technical Audits
   ° Cost Verifications
   ° Project Financing Assistance
* Technology and Market Evaluations
* Privatisation and Licensing Assistance 
* Oil and Gas Asset Assessment Training

Products: the company offers a range of products business aims, some are highlighted below:

* Country Specific Oil and Gas Industry Reports:
   ° Iraq Strategic Report
   ° Algeria Strategic Report
   ° Iraq Investment Report

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