BBL Batteries (Bristol)


BBL Batteries supply battery packs for almost any circumstance. When it comes to batteries, we can help with virtually any need you may have, whether commercial or domestic.

In addition to stocking 5,000+ products, as specialist battery pack manufacturers ourselves, we can design and build batteries to meet your requirements.

Car Batteries

We cover all major battery technologies, along with chargers, generators, solar panels and other power equipment. Rapid development has led to new products offering greater life, reduced size and speedier recharging.

We stock an extensive range of premium and white label car batteries suitable for applications for personal cars and small vans.

We now offer the new Avon Ultra battery range and the Varta Start-Stop range of batteries, suitable for any vehicle with a start-stop feature. These are designed to be completely maintenance-free and feature twice the life-cycle of a standard lead-acid starter battery.

Car Batteries

Commercial Batteries

If you are looking for reliable a commercial battery, look no further. With over forty years in the industry, we have the experience and knowledge to assist with your requirements.

At BBL Batteries, we manufacture and supply top quality commercial batteries that offer the performance required by commercial vehicles covering long distances on a daily basis, such as HGVs, coaches, trucks, construction and municipal vehicles. Our comprehensive range of Avon and Varta commercial batteries will support equipment including telephones, satellite navigation systems and sleeper cabs without loss of performance.

Commercial Batteries

Custom Battery Packs

Our dedicated in-house pack assembly facility enables us to build custom battery packs to meet your individual specifications. We design and manufacture custom battery packs for a wide range of domestic and industrial applications including emergency lighting, fire and security, alarms and also military vehicles and aircraft.

We stock a vast selection of nickel cadmium batteries as well as all connectors, tabs, leads and heat wrap needed to create your battery pack.

Custom Battery Packs

High Power Batteries

We specialise in high power (high performance) batteries, including Optima and Odyssey, to meet the high power requirements of aircraft, off road and competition vehicles.

We manufacture all high power batteries with a rugged construction and tightly packed with pure lead plate. Our batteries are sealed to help to protect against vibration, shock high revving and heat, all factors that could damage a regular battery in no time.

High power batteries will meet the demands of engine start up and power supply to auxiliary equipment, offer a deep discharge capability and are perfect for fast charge requirements.

High Power Batteries

Industrial Batteries

Whatever industrial battery you may require, we have the expertise and stock to help.

We offer:

  • NiCad for engine starting
  • Planté for long-life back up
  • Gas recombination multipurpose
  • Thin plate pure lead

With an increase in the demand for batteries we have stepped up to to meet dramatic advances in the battery industry. We have developed new products and stock batteries that offer longer life and faster recharging times while being contained in smaller units.

Please contact us for further information, we would be happy to advise on the best fit for your needs.

Industrial Batteries
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