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BCAS Biomed was formed in 2005 to deliver a viable and competitive alternative to traditional service providers and large multinational companies who lack the focus, responsiveness and flexibility that today’s healthcare professions demand.

The company is run by engineering and financial professionals dedicated to providing innovative and effective solutions for our customers in the NHS and private healthcare sector. We focus on strong engineering principles and a sound financial ethos to deliver leading edge Managed Equipment Services (MES).

Our engineers are highly trained and experienced professionals who are selected for their knowledge, work ethics and dedication. Our company focuses on ensuring that our engineers receive certified training on equipment we maintain. This is achieved by forming strong and open relationships with the OEM’s who supply the NHS.

BCAS Biomed is allied to the Thames Facilities Group of companies, a privately owned engineering and facilities management company based in Wallingford, Oxfordshire. The alliance provides BCAS Biomed customers with an extended and enhanced range of services allowing us to offer comprehensive solutions from an extended knowledge resource.

BCAS Biomed is an ISO 9001 : 2000 accredited company, and is CIS Registered.


BCAS Biomed is the UK distributor for EQ2, a US company whose database management software is used extensively by hospitals for inventory management. HEMS is web-based software that enables a hospital’s complete medical equipment inventory to be managed online.

A typical HEMS system provides:

  • monthly analysis of scheduled planned maintenance
  • records of repair work per item
  • performance results/analysis of all planned maintenance
  • report for condemned items and added items
  • parts history by item
  • missing equipment report
  • performance analysis per item
  • replacement parts fitted and cost
  • time spent on each maintenance problem
  • device life cycle management (refer to DLM)

Device Lifecycle

Our Device Lifecycle Management (DLM) programme integrates all the components required for managing a medical device throughout its lifecycle, from evaluation, procurement, maintenance and retirement.BCAS Biomed’s DLM programme takes the hassle out of managing equipment. Our service helps you select, procure, maintain and eventually dispose of any piece of medical equipment, applying constant best practice throughout the procedure.

DLM begins by providing technical and financial consultancy to ensure the procurement process is fit for purpose and completely independent. This ensures that the equipment selected is correct, taking into account all parameters including funding, future support, expected lifecycle (including mean time between failure rates if appropriate), maintenance regime and equipment disposal recommendations by OEM’s.

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Device Lifecycle

Financial & Technical Audits

BCAS Biomed can offer various levels of financial and technical audits. They range from the most basic asset inventory check to a full technical and financial audit to integrate with a device lifecycle maintenance program.

A Technical Audit is an independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to assess the effectiveness, efficiency and accuracy of an organization’s operations or resources. It encompasses the accumulation of device information prior to being placed on a contract or for the purposes of device lifecycle management. It assists an organisation in compiling a complete inventory of assets, condition and serviceability.

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Financial & Technical Audits

Dental Decontamination HTM 01-05

Essential Quality Requirements dictate that the effective cleaning and inspection of dental instruments is a key aspect of maintaining satisfactory dental instrument reprocessing procedures. In order to achieve these basic requirements, certain processes need to be employed by the practice, most of which involve a move away from manual cleaning and introducing automated cleaning. These include:

  • Initial cleaning by Ultrasonic bath
  • Fully-validated decontamination processes and equipment
  • Steam-sterilisation using vacuum or non-vacuum sterilisers

However, in order to move towards Best Practice compliance, several material changes are highlighted in HTM 01-05. These include:

  • The installation of a fully compliant washer-disinfector (required)
  • Where manual cleaning is to be used instead of an ultrasonic bath, two sinks should be utilised (one for cleaning, one for rinsing)
  • Organisation of the reprocessing area into a dirty/ clean workflow system
Dental Decontamination HTM 01-05


BCAS Biomed’s equipment evalution service provides vital pre-purchase advice for customers. Armed with a technical and financial evaluation, you are better placed to make essential procurement decisions.

BCAS Biomed brings a unique perspective to equipment evaluation. As well as coordinating evaluation demonstrations and providing in-depth information on equipment, our own HEMS database delivers real-time statistics and expenditure records to enable a more thorough comparison when considering tenders or purchasing decisions.

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Managed Services

BCAS Biomed offers a full range of modular service levels, which can be tailored to your requirements ensuring that your medical devices are maintained in accordance with best practices and current legislation. The service levels range from basic statutory checks, through to fully comprehensive service programmes that are designed to be flexible and cost effective.

Statutory Checks

This basic package ensures a customer complies with legislative requirements. This could include PAT testing, LOLER checks on hoists and slings, Pressure vessel inspections or purely a functional and safety test of a medical device.

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Managed Services


BCAS Biomed Decontamination Division maintains and repairs all types of decontamination equipment including sterilisers, washer disinfectors, ultrasonic bath and tunnel systems. We also test and validate equipment to applicable HTM legislative standards, including porous load.

BCAS Biomed tailors its decontamination services to your needs, budget and requirements; from one-off service or validation to a fully integrated service. This breaks down into two areas:

  • Maintenance and repair
  • Testing and validation

Equipment Disposal

BCAS Biomed offers a removal and disposal service, in accordance with WEEE regulations, with these key features:

  • Removal from site of all condemned electrical devices, regardless of size or weight
  • Disposal of electrical devices and the supply of a WEEE certificate to the end user
  • Updating of the asset register to reflect the condemned equipment and register any replacement items
Equipment Disposal

Dental Equipment Maintenance

One of the key aspects to maintaining a professional and compliant dental practice is the regular servicing and maintenance of all your dental equipment. BCAS Biomed offers a comprehensive all-round service package to incorporate all equipment found in the modern dental suite.

BCAS Biomed offers a range of service levels, designed to cater to every budget. These include:

  • Fully Comprehensive contracts – Parts, labour and callouts included in contract price (subject to terms and conditions specified at the commencement of contract term)
  • Preventative maintenance contracts only
  • Return to base (RTB) repair service
Dental Equipment Maintenance

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