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Our plastic enclosures include din cases, flanged cases, desk and wall sensor enclosures, and waterproof and weather resistant enclosures.

We also customise plastic enclosures for small, hand held units made to the exact size of the component. Furthermore, our range includes potting boxes, rectangular enclosures and large metal and aluminium enclosures.

Plastic Enclosure Fabrication

We offer a comprehensive range of customised 'off the shelf' plastic enclosure fabrication solutions. We will tailor enclosures our customers have sourced. Our plastic enclosure fabrication services are supported using the latest technology and CNC machining. Plastic fabrication covers a full range of materials with many beneficial properties to help improve performance and economics.

Our recent plastic fabrication products have included a series of cases for keeping components out of the way in a more attractive way. They can be modified with holes for ventilation to suit your requirements.

Flanged Cases

Our range of customised flanged cases are suited for a diversity of needs and designed with a loose fitted base and slotted mounting flange.

The RX, PBL08 and PBL09 range of flanged cases have a base held together with four screws and the PBL2 and PBL3 have a loose fitted base and are held together when mounted.

Din Cases

Our din cases are fabricated from a black glass filled Noryl to DIn 43700. They have internal grooves for circuit boards and a snap-fit front bezel.

Our extensive range of customisations can change the features of din cases and include think trim panels to conceal the front screws or a membrane keypad to substitute the trim panel.

Transformer Enclosures

Our range of transformer enclosures has all the fixings included. Contact us for delivery details and prices. The types of transformer enclosures we have customised include cases suitable for EI 66 transformers and EI 57 transformers. We have also designed plug cases for EI41 style transformers and enclosures with a removable aluminium front panel and rubber feet. 

Heat Sink / Die Cast Aluminium

Our heat sink / die cast aluminium products include slide in top and base panel extrusions for easy access to housed components. They are available in black or silver natural or anodised aluminium. Our solid heat sink / die cast aluminium extrusions can be modified to suit any length and our two part extrusions slide together to form cases.

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