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Be-plas has the most extensive range of wall lining options available on the market which are used as a host of interior surface solutions with a variety of hygienic applications.

Products are available either as a fully installed option or a supply only basis if you prefer.

Below are some of the hygienic wall lining products we can offer include:

  • Elite PVC sheets
  • Elite CE rigid sheets
  •  Elite CE-M T&G panels
  • Elite CoverClad PVC
  • Stainless steel wall cladding and Elite FRP

Hygienic Ceiling Linings

Be-Plas can offer both 250mm and 333mm ceiling cladding for hygienic ceiling linings.

Tongue-and-groove jointing guarantees quick and simple installation, and a wipe-clean surface minimises maintenance requirements while making them water tight and resistant to most chemicals.

We can supply either premier PVC ceiling cladding or pro PVC ceiling clad to meet your requirements.

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Hygienic Ceiling Linings

Wall Protection

Wall protection products are ideal fro providing protection to wall surfaces against impact and collisions and at the same time still providing a level of hygienic protection.

Highly durable wall protection solutions that we can offer include:

  • Betinoc kerb systems
  • PX PVC bump rails
  • EX bump rails
  • Stainless steel wall protection
Wall Protection

Skirting & Coving

Be-Plas can supply a range of Skirting and Coving products that provide hygienic seals at the wall to floor or wall to ceiling transitions. All options can come in a variety of colour options to match existing decor or to define different areas or departments.

Skirting and coving products we can offer include:

  • PX PVC products
  • EX PVC products
Skirting & Coving

Fixing Systems

Designed for fixing of cladding sheets to solid substrates or facilitating quick and simple installation of sheet and panel products, our fixing systems that we offer can meet all needs.

Some of the fixing systems we can offer are:

  • Nylon drive rivets
  • Silicones and Adhesives
  • PVC fixing profiles
  • Pro electric line bending heater
Fixing Systems

Partitioning Systems

Partitioning systems offer a versatile wall partitioning system that is tough and durable and hygienic at the same time, lightweight construction of these partitioning systems aid in the quick and simple installation and seamless joints when connected together.

Ideally used in the Commercial sector and retail environments including offices and supermarkets we can provide Combiboard PVC partitions or Multiplank PVC partitions which can cater for these applications.

Partitioning Systems
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