Beacon International Ltd

At Beacon International, we specialise in the manufacture and supply of asbestos removal equipment. Our asbestos removal equipment is available for purchase and hire to meet your requirements. 

DOP Testing and Servicing

We are experienced in DOP testing and servicing of all makes of asbestos removal equipment. DOP testing and servicing should be carried out every six months or if the machine has been damaged or dropped.

Negative Pressure Units

We manufacture high-quality negative pressure units designed to measure ultra-low pressures. Our negative pressure units ensure safe working when dealing with toxic materials including asbestos removal, paint spaying and in clean rooms.

Numatic Vacuums

We are official dealers for Numatic vacuums and stock a variety of hazardous models suitable for small or demanding jobs. Our Numatic vacuums come complete with filters, dust bags and all-steel, low-noise power heads.

Mobile Decon Units

We supply mobile decon units for use in any location required. Our mobile decon units include a clean area, dirty area and shower area. They have heaters, lockable personal cupboards, and rounded edges to reduce fibre traps.

MOD. Hygiene Systems

Our MOD. hygiene systems are strong and durable. We provide MOD. hygiene systems have built-in filtration systems and safety features including back up thermostats and circuit breakers.

Wet Strip Machines

We supply compact and lightweight wet strip machines capable of running up to 50 needles.

Our wet strip machines have an electric pump and have features including:

  • Low level fluid indicator
  • Variable water pressure adjust valve
  • Individual needle flow rate adjust valves
  • Constructed from easy clean, high impact polypropylene
  • Electrical safety trip

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