Company Overview

BeaconMedæs is the world’s leading supplier of medical gas pipeline systems (MGPS). Our medical gas equipment, including medical air plant and medical vacuum plant, AGS systems and manifolds to pipeline components such as zone service valves and medical gas terminal units, are fully compliant to HTM02-01 and ISO7396-1 standards.

Through more than 60 years, as clinical practice has evolved, we have been at the centre of the interface between the patient and the care giver, meeting the need for the increasingly complex array of life support equipment that is at the heart of the modern hospital.  Through research, development and applied technology, coupled with a strong focus on customer service, our business is known best for the expertise that provide’s our clients with solutions tailored to their particular needs.

Therefore our brand motto "Life is in the Details" is always at the forefront of our minds, in all areas of our business.


To achieve its goals through an unwavering commitment to exceed our customers’ expectations for service, quality and innovative value added solutions for their changing needs.


We design and plan Medical Gas Pipeline Systems (MGPS) for both new and refurbished hospitals to the latest standards, HTM 02-01.


We manufacture all elements of a MGPS equipment including medical air and medical vacuum plant, manifolds, valves and medical gas terminal units. Products are also CE marked to the European Medical Device Directive (MDD).


We are certified to ISO13485:2003 quality management system for the design, manufacture, supply, installation, commissioning and servicing of MGPS. OHSAS18001:2007 occupational health and safety management and ISO14001:2004 environmental management systems.


Our installation team offers unrivalled expertise with our products. With pre qualification through Safecontractor, CHAS and Constructionline you can be sure we take health and safety and quality service seriously. With a proven track record of delivering projects on time, from major PFI projects to small extensions and refurbishments, we can help you out. Following installation, we can provide preventative maintenance contracts and emergency repair services.


Medical gas service and support is central to everything we offer our customers. We offer full mainland coverage and emergency 24 hour call-out so day or night, 24-7. We have your medical gas systems covered. Employing time served technicians with unequalled experience in the MGPS industry BeaconMedæs can provide PPM contracts on both our own and other manufacturers equipment.

Whatever services you require, your medical gas pipeline system is always safe in our hands.


Medical and Surgical Air Systems

The critical field of patient care requires ultra clean, purified, medical air delivered to operating theatres and hospital beds with absolute reliability. A hospitals medical air supply is a vital life support service, maintaining respiration of the critically ill during mechanical ventilation. As such, within Europe, ‘medicinal air’ is classified as a drug, and the concentration of any impurities therein must be carefully controlled to ensure compliance with the relevant European Pharmacopoeia monograph.


mAIR, sAIR and cAIR Air Systems

At BeaconMedaes, we strive to offer products that meet your specific hospital needs. We have a broad range of air plants for different applications. Our mAIR systems offer medical air at 4 bar for breathing applications. sAIR systems are specifically configured for surgical applications, delivering air at 10 or 7 bar. We also provide cAIR systems for combined breathing & surgical air at 10 or 7 bar.

Our systems have a unique multi-stage purification system that converts a compressed air source into internationally certified breathing air. The dMED air purification system has been independently certified by SGS Belgium NV (Société Générale de Surveillance) to provide medicinal air complying with the European Pharmacopeia monograph.

A proper managed compressed air network will save energy, reduce maintenance, decrease downtime, increase reliability and improve product quality. The ES medical central controller is the most efficient way to monitor and control multiple compressors and air purifiers simultaneously.

Medical and Surgical Air Systems

Oil-free Medical Air Systems

Remove the risk of oil carry-over into your hospital pipelines by using our oil-free air systems. With certified Class 0 medical compressors, oil-free air plants are the obvious choice when it comes down to ultimate patient safety. A wealth of compressor technologies are available that offer you 100% oil-free medical air.

SF MED oil-free tooth compressors

Our SF MED oil-free scroll compressors are specifically designed to be part of a medical air system. With flow rates that closely match most hospital demands, you will be able to find a scroll air system that fits your needs. Our multi-core SF MED’s offer extended redundancy, as a shutdown of one element will not cause the full unit to stop. Combined with a very low noise level, this compressor type is the ideal oil-free technology for medical applications.

ZT MED oil-free tooth compressors

Our ZT MED rotary tooth compressors offer high energy efficiency at large flow rates while meeting your needs for oil-free air. Specifically modified to be part of a medical air system, they provide the highest levels of reliability. For those who look for even lower energy consumption, the ZT MED tooth compressors are also available with Variable Speed Drive.

AQ MED water lubricated screw compressors

The AQ MED is the only oil-free compressor technology that is available in a 13 bar version, making it ideal for high-pressure surgical air systems. Thanks to the superior cooling capability of water during compression, more air per kW of power is generated. Combined with the standard installed VSD, the AQ MED is able to achieve high levels of energy efficiency. Note that AQ MED compressors are only available for ISO7396-1 compliant air systems and not for HTM02-01 nor HTM2022.

LF MED oil-free piston compressors

The LF-MED has the lowest investment cost of all our oil-free compressors, creating the ability for smaller hospitals to also go for an oil-free solution. With their small and compact design, they offer maximum installation flexibility. High-quality materials ensure outstanding performance and an extra-long life.

Oil-free Medical Air Systems

Oil lubricated Medical Systems

In combination with our dMED purifier, oil-injected air systems deliver medical air in compliance to the European Pharmacopoeia. Experience our most energy efficient systems using GA VSD+ MED, the latest addition to the medical compressor range. Find out the compressor technolgies that we have to offer as part of our medical air systems.

GA MED oil lubricated screw compressor

Atlas Copco’s oil-injected screw compressor range has led the market for more than 20 years.  Ensuring a long and trouble-free life at the lowest operation cost, each GA MED contains the latest generation of our innovative oil-injected screw element.

GA VSD+ MED oil lubricated screw compressor

With its innovative vertical design, the GA VSD+ MED brings a game-changing revolution in the oil-injected compressed air market. It offers Variable Speed Drive as standard, a compact motor and footprint thanks to its in-house design and iPM (Permanent Magnet) technology. The GA VSD+ MED reduces energy consumption by on average 50%, with uptimes assured even in the harshest operational conditions. And all this at extremely low noise levels, as low as 62dB(A).

LE MED oil lubricated piston compressor

The LE MED oil-lubricated piston compressor generates compressed air at the lowest operating temperatures and with minimal oil carry-over. Their proven design and quality materials deliver premium operation and an extra long life.

Oil lubricated Medical Systems

Medical Air Desiccant Dryers

The dMED (dual MED) is a duplexed purification package for converting a compressed air source into breathing quality air.

Stages of purification
The dMED has seven stages of active purification:
1. Water separator – liquid water
2. Bulk aerosol filter - oil and water
3. Fine coalescing filter - oil and water
4. Dessicant dryer – water and CO2
5. Activated carbon – gaseous impurities
6. Catalyst – CO oxidation
7. Bacteria filter – bacteria/fine particles

Medical Air Desiccant Dryers

mVAC - Medical Vacuum Systems

BeaconMedæs and Atlas Copco have combined their expertise and knowledge to create the Medical Vacuum Plant. Main improvements are increased performance, usability and an advanced control system which provides remote live monitoring and SMS text and email alerts. Additionally, user friendliness is enhanced with the easy to operate central plant controller with a 5.7” colour display. By reducing the footprint and providing easy access to serviceable parts the new mVAC plant provides better usability and easy maintenance.

mVAC - Medical Vacuum Systems

AGS - Anesthetic Gas Scavenging Systems

The Anesthetic Gas Scavenging System removes anesthetic gas mixtures in areas fitted with nitrous oxide terminal units like operating rooms. By virtue of its design, the active disposal system can produce high capture levels simply by connecting the terminal unit to the anesthetic breathing circuit via a receiver unit. This removal at the source eliminates the possible long term health hazards for the exposed medical staff.

AGS - Anesthetic Gas Scavenging Systems

Lifeline Manifold Control Systems

The Lifeline® MCS Manifold is a compact and fully automatic manifold control system for medical gases. Regarded as a leading manifold control panel in its class, the Lifeline® MCS Manifold combines ease of use, installation and maintenance with a very high flow capacity. We use two stage regulators in our manifolds as standard. This results in a leading high flow capacity of 1,750 lpm at 4 bar stable pressure over the entire flow range. We always use halogen free high pressure regulators which reduce the risks of self-ignition and emission of toxic gases.

The manifold has a graphical display with a precise pressure indication which give you visibility on your medical gas consumption. Additional visuals of remaining cylinders gas volume and average flow consumption provide full control over your medical gas installation.

The digital control panel and two stage regulators allow for low changeover pressure that can save you thousands liters of valued gas annually. This saves you money.

Lifeline Manifold Control Systems

Emergency Reserve Manifolds

The BeaconMedæs Emergency Reserve Manifold (ERM) is designed for compliance with HTM 02-01 guidelines. The ERM is used to support the main manifold and is connected downstream of the manifold control panel.

Emergency Reserve Manifolds

Medical Gas Outlets / Terminal Units

The BeaconMedæs Gem terminal unit’s exceptional reliability is a testament to it unique pedigree. In terms of quality, reliability, and value, the Gem terminal unit is in a league of its own. Fully complying with BS EN ISO 91701:2008, the BeaconMedæs Gem has a proven service record, and is available in a wide range of mounting options, connection types and orientations to suit installations in walls, bedhead trunking, headwalls and pendant systems. New for 2015, the Gem "Shield" retains all the strengths of the Gem 10 - including the same check valve and mounting dimensions, making the units interchangeable for easy 2nd fix upgrades. Additionally, the Gem "Shield" comes with Biomaster antimicrobial additive in all user accessible parts to actively reduce the growth of bacteria thus limiting the chance of cross infection.

Medical Gas Outlets / Terminal Units

Medizone - Area Service Module

A Superior Mounting Solution

The BeaconMedæs Medizone™ Area Service Module blends seamlessly into the modern hospital environment. The tastefully sculptured profile is complimented by a range of colour options and the fresh aesthetics of the BeaconMedæs ZSU2 - zone service unit.

The Medizone™ is designed for rapid installation and can be surface mounted on a finished wall or flush fitted into a stud wall. Since all piping, wiring and pressure testing is completed prior to delivery, factory controlled quality is assured. The Medizone™ is surprisingly lightweight, owing to a high pressure compact laminate fascia plate and extruded aluminium frame construction.

Medizone - Area Service Module

ZSU2 - Zone Service Unit

The BeaconMedæs Zone Service unit (ZSU2) provides you with more functionality than ever before. The ZSU2 is designed to provide a zone isolation, maintenance and physical break point. Non-interchangeable screw thread (NIST) connections complying with BS EN 739 are fitted at either side of the 22mm quarter-turn ball valve to provide connection points for emergency supplies, purging or gas sampling. The lockable hinged cover is fitted with a removable pull-out oval window to facilitate safe emergency access. 28mm nominal bore valve assemblies are available for vacuum serv

ZSU2 - Zone Service Unit

Monitoring Equipment

Medipoint 26 Design

BeaconMedæs Medipoint 26 Medical Gas Area Alarm is designed to monitor up to 6 gas services in the normal, high and low pressure conditions, and are suitable for installation into any location within a hospital. Alarm panels are usually installed downstream of the area valve service units to provide local warnings of supply pressure/vacuum outside of the normal operating range. Line contact monitoring circuits constantly monitor the integrity of the pressure sensors and interconnecting wiring.

Medipoint 125 Design

BeaconMedæs Medipoint 125 Medical Gas Central Alarms are designed to monitor up to 5 gas services or twenty point alarm conditions and are suitable for installation into any location within a hospital. Each alarm panel may be used as an input or repeater panel, as part of the total central alarm system. Line contact monitoring circuits constantly monitor the integrity of the pressure sensors and interconnecting wiring. In the event of any fault, the line contact monitoring circuits initiate the specific gas service failure indication, a 'System Alarm' indication and the audible warning.

Monitoring Equipment

Beam Systems - Intensive Care

Whatever your needs may be, BeaconMedæs has a complete solution.  Beam systems provide convenient access to critical equipment supported by an expertly engineered workstation.

  • Designs are configures to your individual needs
  • Easy clean surfaces minimize the sanitation effort
Beam Systems - Intensive Care

Envirom Bedhead Trunking Systems

Envirom Bedhead Trunking

Improving the patient environment is the key driver behind the design of the Envirom bedhead trunking system. The use of integral lighting and coloured fascia panels opens up new possibilities to enhance ward decor.

Superior Aesthetics

There is a strong emphasis on improving the patient environment in modern hospital design.  The way a patient feels is affected by many factors, including the environment they are in. Careful selection of colour, textures and lighting schemes within the patient environment have been proven to aid the recovery process.

Envirom Bedhead Trunking is supplied with coloured plates, so the bedhead system can compliment any chosen decor, enhancing the patient environment. This makes the ward ambience less clinical, more inviting, home like and relaxing.

Front and side panel fascia plates are pre cut before being sent away for powder coated painting. This enables the panels to be installed next to each other with no gaps, eliminating a potential dust trap and problem for cross infection. Flush mounted electrical components also  provide an easy to clean work surface.

Envirom Bedhead Trunking Systems

Installation Services

Installation Teams

BeaconMedaes employ the most experienced medical gas pipeline installers in the UK. Our installation service covers acute hospitals, veterinary surgeries, dental practices, as well as teaching and private hospitals.

With a National and International reach, BeaconMedaes have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to best practise, both here in the UK and within our  export markets.

Project Management

BeaconMedaes is capable of providing expertise at all levels – from Medical gas Competent Person (CP) to Authorised Person (AP). Our knowledge of Medical Gas Pipeline Systems (MGPS) is derived from over 40 years of experience in the field.

Professional Design Services

Before a project begins our Sales Support team offers expert medical gas design services, to assist your design professionals with the specialised design work of the medical gas pipeline system.

Site Surveys

Our installation work starts before the engineers come to the site.  When we receive a request to quote Medical Gas Pipeline Systems (MGPS) work, we generally visit the site to ascertain any existing drawings are accurate as well as compliant to current standards (HTM02-01). The on site surveys are essential where new pipe work is required, and our engineers will take measurements to include existing and proposed usage so that the correct pipe sizes are used in the job.

Isometric drawings and plan drawings are used to extrapolate all possible components of the installation. In addition, we take into account any proposed future expansion, in order to save client costs going forward.

Installation Services

Service and Maintenance

Field Service

BeaconMedæs has the largest field service force in the industry and has the ability to reach any mainland facility with the best response times. Our service specialists possess a vast knowledge of the industry and are able to work on all other manufacturer’s equipment. BeaconMedæs service specialists have the knowledge, skills and parts to complete the work on the spot and all technicians are certified Competant Persons (MGPS). You can rest assured that planned and corrective maintenance can be handled rapidly to maximise equipment uptime. In addition, our factory maintains a large inventory of parts available for quick despatch if required.

Planned Preventative Maintenance

Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) is inspection work that is performed on a piece of equipment on a scheduled basis. The schedule is based on best practices and manufacturers’ recommendations designed to keep your equipment operating smoothly.

Corrective Maintenance

Corrective Maintenance is repair work that is performed on a piece of equipment to restore it to proper operating condition. This is typically unscheduled work, requested by the customer or person performing planned maintenance. BeaconMedæs not only offers competitive labour rates and OEM parts pricing, but stands behind both for 90 days.

Service and Maintenance
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