Beam Central Vacuums (UK) Ltd

Imagine vacuuming…
  • faster
  • more quietly
  • with greater suction power than before
  • but with no re-circulated dust
  • benefiting Asthma & allergy sufferers
  • and no clumsy vacuum cleaner to carry
    …this is the reality of a BEAM Central Vacuum.

Simple to install in:
  • houses (new-build/renovation)
  • boats
  • caravans
  • coaches
  • equestrian premises
  • garages
  • hairdressing salons
  • hotels
Other benefits:
  • manufactured since 1957
  • part of The Electrolux® Group
  • permanent, self-cleaning GORE-TEX® filters
  • Kitchen VacPan automatic dustpan
We also have extensive experience in the independent design, supply and installation of HEAT RECOVERY VENTILATION SYSTEMS.

If you contact us for a quote, a SPECIAL DISCOUNT is available with reference: "Applegate".
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