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We are skilled and competent company to organise your relocation of just a single machine or manage the installation of an entire production line. We have all the essential equipment and a highly proficient workforce to carry out all types of machinery installations and relocations.

We can manage internal relocations for your organisation or install new production lines and move your whole facility on a global scale. We are a leading European company for installing new equipment and production plants.

We specialise in a range of machinery installations and relocations and can help with single machine moves, new equipment installation, factory removal, internal relocations, international relocations, equipment transport and storage, and secondary M&E installation and disconnection.

Machinery Maintenance

We provide modification and machinery maintenance for a range of applications. Our service is combined with expert decommissioning and recommissioning of CNC controlled production lines and machinery.   Our full machinery maintenance service offers not only decommissioning and recommissioning but also Remishaw BallBar and accuracy checks, software downloads and faultfinding.  
Machinery Maintenance

Mechanical Services

Our talented mechanical fitters can provide you with a range of excellent mechanical services and perform a variety of work on all your ductworks and pipeworks.

We pride ourselves on our mechanical services and our ability to design and modify any type of steelwork or platform that you need or matches your requirements.

Our teams of steelworkers and welders can construct entirely new steelworks on site and assemble them with an improved steel structure.   

Mechanical Services

Project Management

We can provide project management suited for a range of sectors including factory relocation or turnkey machinery installation.

Our project management teams oversee our highly skilled labourers and subcontractors to provide you with exceptional service. We can undertake ventures as the main contractor on larger projects.

We also provide comprehensive support for all CDM and health and safety management issues and project planning.

Project Management

Control Systems

Control systems are essential for the success of any automated process and its lifetime support. Innovative technologies have meant we can now offer end users a wider range of control products.

Our control systems team involves technical experts from a range of industry areas who are dedicated to best practice. We make sure that a close relation is developed with the customer and the end result is a superior project conclusion. Our experience in major industry sectors, such as petrochemical, pharmaceutical, rail industry, production industries, power generation, and oil and gas have all had excellent results and we have always worked to the highest industry standards.

Our control systems can be modified to compliment any application and we also support you with a full maintenance service from initial design to site installation and commissioning.

We provide control system services that include hardware and software engineering, control panel manufacture, full system invalidation services, control and safety system manufacture integration, and instrumentation and documentation.

Control Systems

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