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Here at BEG (UK) Ltd, we specialise in the design and manufacture of innovative lighting control systems. Our lighting control systems are developed with optimum light and heat management in accordance with requirements and that comply with the latest environmental protection guidelines and directives issued by the European Union.

Motion Detectors

We supply state-of-the-art motion detectors for both indoor and outdoor use. Our impressive range of motion detectors are energy saving and has a modern sensor system for improved detection even in daylight. Our cost effective motion detectors are available as wall or ceiling mounted and come in a black, white or stainless steel finish.

Energy-Saving Lights

We stock an impressive range of energy-saving lights suitable for fitting onto walls, ceilings, wall brackets or the ground. We supply energy-saving lights floodlights to illuminate facades, gardens, nameplates and paths. Our floodlights are designed to last around 12000 hours, have minimal power loss and have low maintenance costs.

Occupancy Detectors

Our indoor occupancy detectors provide security, convenience and energy saving technology. Our ceiling mounted occupancy detectors makes use of natural resources and only switches light, heating and ventilation on when it is actually needed.

Time Switches

We supply daily, weekly, yearly and ASTRO time switches for controlling your heating, air conditioning, ventilation and lighting in a time-controlled and cost-effective manner. Our time switches are quick and easy to set up. They have digital and analogue timers with text controlled LED menus.

Smoke Detectors

We supply life saving smoke detectors to provide early warnings of smoke and fire. We stock both automated and stand-alone smoke detectors suitable for use in any situation.

Emergency and Safety Lights

We supply a wide variety of emergency and safety lights to enable you to meet fixed rules for emergency lighting at places of work and places where people congregate. Our emergency and safety lights include classic and directional lighting. These can be monitored with a BUS system and will work in the event of a power cut.

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