BEKA Associates Ltd


Hazardous Area Displays

BEKA are a UK company involved in the design and manufacture a wide range of displays for use in both hazardous and safe areas.

Our Intrinsically Safe (I.S) and Type n instrumentation is used widely within process industry and our 4/20mA loop-powered indicators are a global market leader. These products enjoy worldwide approvals and are supplemented by other display products, as follows:
  • Loop-powered indicators
  • Batch controllers
  • Rate totalisers
  • Counters, timers & clocks
  • Serial text displays
  • Fieldbus displays and indicators
  • Set point stations
  • Sounder & Beacons
  • LED cluster lamps
I hope that you find this site helpful and if you require more information or application advice, please contact our friendly and professional sales department.

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