Belgrade Polymer Products


Belgrade Polymer Products is one of the UK's leading Vacuum Forming and Injection Moulding companies. We manufacture products for a diverse range of market sectors and have specialist expertise at manufacturing prototype items that can be quickly converted into large scale production.

BPP offers a range of tough, heavy duty, vacuum formed seamless, and round bottom welded liners. Liner specification can be selected to best suit individual applications.


  • Easy fitting and removal
  • Pumps and agitators can be used without affecting the liner
  • Costly and unpleasant cleaning of containers no longer required
  • Cost-saving disposal or re-use - Disposal costs substantially reduced
  • Quick and economic re-fitting
  • Ideal for use with in-house mixing operations
  • Food grade polymers used

Plastic Vacuum Forming

BPP offers a trade plastics vacuum forming service. An ambitious programme of investment in modern vacuum forming and routing equipment now enables us to offer very affordable and high quality formings.

Working with our customers we can advise on best design and material choice to produce optimum performance for the customers projects.

All new projects are progressed through our own in-house Development Department where modern CAD design facilities allow our customers to see end products and make any necessary changes before committing to production.

The CNC Routing capability provides a high level of accurately finished parts every time

Plastic Vacuum Forming

Injection Moulding

The injection moulding department uses modern machines which accommodate a wide range of tool sizes and shot weights. In conjunction with the vacuum forming department this facility allows BPP to minimise costs by selecting the most economical process for the quantities and applications involved.

In the smaller range, fixings, clips, gears, bearing retainers and dust caps among a host of other products are produced from a wide spectrum of plastics materials.

In the medium to large range, protective covers, DIY parts, cavity wall ties and parts for the electrical industry are produced. BPP can also offer down line sub assembly and multi part packaging.

Injection Moulding

Sheet Extrusion

In-house sheet extrusion of polyethylene and polypropylene not only gives Belgrade a positive competitive edge but means that prototypes and production can be made quickly, without the waste which arises from using standard sized sheets from the stockholder.

Small quantities can be produced thus avoiding the necessity to purchase minimum levels of sheet from the large sheet producers and formulations can be freely changed to suit individual customer requirements. This is particularly useful when UV stability or antistatic properties are required, or when blends of polymers are advantageous to optimise properties. Lead times are also reduced.

All our manufactured products are produced to BS EN ISO9001:2008 Quality Assurance Systems

Sheet Extrusion
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