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Bell Partnerships is a division of K W Bell Group, a group of companies founded by Keith Bell in 1967.

Bell Partnerships is committed to clients who want to build the future together. Through collaborative partnerships with Housing Associations, Local Authorities and investment groups, we design, develop and construct superior quality, exceptional value for money housing.

As a family-run business based in the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire, our approach is flexible, thorough and hands on. With successful independent contracting and plant operations. Within the group, Bell Partnerships supply chain is reliable, well managed, proactive and highly cost efficient. In fact working with Bell Partnerships ensures that you will be working with a team of contractors, who have been with K W Bell since the companies very foundations.

From energy saving technologies to ecologically sustainable construction, innovation sits at the heart of our business. Bell Partnerships has been recognised under the echomes, Built in quality and secured by design national awards schemes.

K W Bell Group Ltd

K W Bell Group Ltd and its associated organisations were founded by Mr. Keith Bell.

Having started work as a solo bricklayer he has grown from one man into an organisation with a thirty million pound turnover and a workforce of around 450. The company still has a strong family base with a number of close family members playing vital roles in the company contributing to the amazing expansion of the group. The K W Bell Group now encapsulates a distinct number of organisations, each playing an important role in the overall function and each complementing the other.

K W Bell Group Ltd

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