Bell Scott and Co Engineering Suppliers


Bell, Scott has been serving Munster's General Engineering Supply Market since 1931. We cover a very wide product range over many engineering divisions. We serve all industrial, marine, construction, biotech and pharmaceutical sectors. Bell Scott are also Single Source Suppliers (SSS) due to the extensive stocks that we keep on the shelf. If we do not have a product you require we will aquire it for you. We do all this with our built in experience of over 80 years in the business.   TELEPHONE :  021-4501724.  EMAIL:

In covering such a vast engineering product range we have our divisional specialities which include,

Belts and Belting of all types

Power Transmission Products, Bearings,Pulleys and Drive Chain

Hand Tools, PowerTools

Specialist Cutting Threading Tooling

Hose and Radiator Hose

Lubricants and Oil treatments

Cleansers, and Hygiene Products

Cloths, Wipers, Paper and Non Woven Wipers

Safety Clothing Head Eye Foot Hand and Body Protection Wears

Gaskets, Jointings, and Packings

Fasteners, Nuts, and Bolts

Pipe Fittings and Valves

and much much more

The Bell Scott A-Z Range contains many high quality and long established products and,our commitment to you is to constantly modernise enhance and expand this range and deliver it with the good service you expect. Please do not hesitate to contact us on 021-4501724 or click here or above on Contact Us or Open an Account.


Belts & Belting

Belts and belting products have been a core part of the Bell Scott frontline range since the 1930's. The range has steadily grown from the humble flat belting products that started it all..

Today it includes many types of belt from the standard vee rope or vee belt, that you all would be familiar with now. These are items such as timing belts, poly vee belts , wedge belts, variable speed belts, micro vee belts, fan belts, round belts ,flat transmission belts ,flat belata square edge rubber, colink or nutlink belting. conveyor belting,

There are many more specialised belts too numerous and varied to mention here which covering a multitude of varied applications.

Lawnmower belts or mower belts , agricultural machinery belts, combine belts and earth landsaping machine webs are also done

Our familiarity in belting circles has resulted in us being renamed Belt Scott on many occasions and our intention is to use this longterm experience in the trade to offer you the best service possible today.


Hand Tools

Hand Tools have been a division we have been involved with since inception and is a constantly expanding and growing section of the company. Our emphasis as always has been on the quality industrial hand tool that lasts and gives you our customer true satisfaction.  We believe and you know that quality remains long ater price is forgotten.

We have widened the tool range in the last 20 Years to include even more high quality range brands. Our trade counter and stores are packed full of attractive tools. This has resulted in Bell Scott being regarded as an "Alladin's Cave" largely due to our tool selection.

Brands such as Britool ,Teng, Facom, Hazet, King Tony, Carl Kammerling, Stanley, Bahco, Sykes Pickavant, Beta, King Dick, Norbar, Gedore, Torqueleader, Williams Snail, and So Much More. Just Look at  this section as a flavour of what is available or even possible. Remember that we have the contacts and if it is not in stock we know the supply chain to get it for you

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