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Benjamin Ball Associates are presentation advisers, specialists in helping businesses Pitch Present & Persuade. They help teams and business leaders with training and advice so their presentations and personal communications are of the highest standard.    

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Public Speaking Skills Training

Leading companies use Benjamin Ball Associates to improve pitches & presentations

This is because they help them deliver compelling confident business presentations and talks.


Practical Results You Can See Immediately

You want to be well prepared with a polished presentation. Working with our experts, your messages, your talk and your performance will all be polished. You will learn how to deal with unexpected questions and how to look impressive throughout.

Fast Effective Coaching

To get the results you want, you need to engage with your audience. This means clear, compelling messages. Our experts show you how.

Increased Confidence

A great presentation requires confidence. Our training gives you the confidence to deliver brilliantly.

Great Value for Money

"What I like is that you find 95% of the issues in a quarter of the time of your competitor"
Partner, International Corporate Finance House

Public Speaking Skills Training

Leadership Communication Skills Training

As a leader, you need good communication skills. That is why successful leaders spend so much time polishing their skills.

Sound like a leader

The words you use, your tone of voice, how you interact with your audience. These all mark you out as a leader. You can always polish how you come across, whether in meetings or on the stage. By working with our leadership communication experts, you can be sure you are making the impact you want.

Look like a leader

You are being judged all the time. From the way you enter a room to how you answer questions.  These around you are looking at you deciding how effective you are.  Help them make the right decision.

Supporting leaders

Clients who use our leadership communication skills coaching range from start-ups to global giants; from small technology companies to global banks (and even government ministers).

Clients typically use us to help with

• Leadership presentation skills
• Leadership public speaking skills
• Leadership media interview training

And we are particularly good at helping with complex financial communications.

As all our work is tailored, every assignment is different.

"I was delighted with the training that I received ... In just 2 sessions they were able to transform the way that I communicate and so hugely improve my public speaking and presentation skills."

Kunle Barker, Managing Director, Illustrious Homes

Leadership Communication Skills Training

Persuasive Financial Presentations

If you struggle to make financial presentations interesting...

...we can help


Could your financial presentations be more persuasive?

Analysts, the board and your colleagues all want interesting and relevant information delivered well. You want to look good and feel confident.

A clear story told well

When you present financial information, you want to be sure you make the right impact. By working with financial presentation experts even the toughest financial presentations can come to life.

Engage your audience

Discover simple techniques to make complex financial stories easy to understand and persuasive. Not only will you make it easier for your audience, it will be easier for you.

"My boss told me it was the best presentation I had ever done. Thank you very much"  
Sophie Blondel, Group Financial Controller, Zodiak Media

Training, tailored for you

CEOs, CFOs, financial controllers, bankers and fund managers all use us. Clients who benefit from our services range from start-ups to global giants; from private equity firms to FTSE 100 companies.


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