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BEP Surface Technologies Ltd was founded in 2004 with the amalgamation of the Bury Electroplating Company and BEP Grinding Ltd. Based in Radcliffe at their expansive premises the company are able to provide a high quality service to customers. The company has clients in a wide variety of industries and continues to serve them with the commitment to quality and service that the companies are renowned for:

  • Acid Cleaning
  • De-Gassing
  • Hard Chrome Plating
  • Nickel Plating
  • Copper Plating
  • Copper Shelled Rolls for the Plastics Industry
  • Ultra Finish
  • Ultramat Textured Finishes
  • Turning & Precision Cylindrical Grinding

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Copper shell chill roll innovation

We design, manufacture and refurbish chill rolls for laminators, the plastics industry and high quality textured paper manufacturers.

Copper shell chill roll innovation
Faster line speeds, higher quality end products and dramatically reduced energy consumption can be achieved with our innovative cooling rolls.

Through our knowledge and experience of electroplating and engineering we pioneered the development of copper shell cooling rolls.

Our latest technology rolls offer many advantages and benefits:

  • Stiff inner body for reduced deformation
  • Energy cost saving as a smaller capacity chilling unit can be used
  • No condensation because of higher cooling water temperature
  • Increased production speed at the same roll diameter
  • Minimised roll diameter for new projects
  • Optimum shell quality (pore free) using highest quality copper
  • Absence of welded seams simplifies chrome plating and subsequent refurbishment
  • Damaged copper shells can be reclaimed by machining to remove the damage and then electro-copper plating back to the original thickness
  • Hot spots are eliminated as there is no internal corrosion on the inside of the shell
Copper shell chill roll innovation

Ultra-finish mirror polished chrome rolls

Ultra-finish chrome rolls are typically used in the manufacture of plastic film, photographic film, plastic, sheet and glass.

Our in-house techniques, developed over many years, enable us to produce high quality mirror polished chrome plated rolls with surface finishes as fine as Ra 0.005um and with TIR and parallelity close to perfection.

As all the pre-grinding, inspection, chrome plating, degassing, finish grinding and polishing is done in-house, we have total control over the finished product and so guarantee repeatable quality and realistic lead times.

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Ultra-finish mirror polished chrome rolls

Ultramat textured finishes

We can produce a wide range of matt, silk and textured surfaces by shot blasting and electrolytic techniques. Finishes range from fine Ra 0.1um to rough Ra 15um. Generally these finishes are used for producing plastic sheet, photographic paper, laminating and coated steel strip.

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Ultramat textured finishes

Acid cleaning and degassing

Acid cleaning
Users of cooling and heating rolls may experience problems with roll waterways becoming furred up with either lime scale or rust. Providing the waterways are not completely blocked and the rust has not corroded through the shell we can usually clean them out.

The process involves pumping a temperature controlled cleaning solution, specially developed by BEP, through the waterways to dissolve the lime scale and rust, thus restoring the rollers to their original thermal efficiency.

After cleaning any residual acidity is neutralised and the roll is thoroughly washed out with water and flushed with a rust inhibitor.

All the residual chemicals from the cleaning process pass through our effluent treatment plant before final discharge to sewer.

Heated chrome rolls used in the plastics industry normally require heat treatment to remove occluded hydrogen from the chrome deposit. If this is incorrectly managed the hydrogen can percolate out of the chrome and cause defects in the form of tiny bubbles in the plastic sheet or film.

To save customers wasting production time pre-heating the rollers in their machines prior to use we can treat rolls in a specially constructed temperature controlled oven. We heat the rolls to a precisely controlled thermal ramp and record the temperature profile data. During the heat treatment process the rolls are hung vertically to eliminate any risk of distortion. 

Acid cleaning and degassing
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