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Berger Tools Ltd offers a comprehensive range of Standard Machine Elements, Press & Mould Tooling. We pride ourselves in providing a complete solution to you application whether it be for Clamping and Operating or complex Press and Mould Tooling.

  • Standard Parts for Clamping & Operating
  • Machine & Fixture Elements including Leveling feet
  • Press Tooling including Pillars & Bushes, Punches & Dies, Urelast & all ancillary
  • Bespoke Die Sets
  • Springs including Die Springs & Gas Springs
  • Drill Bushes
  • Mould Tooling Including Ejector Pins, Sleeves & Mould Bases.
  • Cam Units, Mechanical & Hydraulic
  • Presses - Multicyl, Pneumo & EMG

We have the facility to make any item from drawing, please enquire directly 00 44 (0) 1732 763377.

Any of our products can be integrated into your existing system, either "like for like" or made to your exact specification.

Next day delivery via UPS for stock items, check our stock online for the latest products available. We make regular additions to our range, and are committed to product research and developement. Simple and quick ordering via our easy to use website or by  email at, or phone to speak directly to our friendly sales and technical teams, who have a wealth of knowledge and can assist you to find the right product for your application, every time. If you'd like a visit to discuss your requirements, we have a UK based technical sales team that would be happy to make an appointment to meet you.

By taking the time to understand your procurement requirements we are able to supply the most cost effective specialist machine tooling and standard machine elements to help you achieve your goal.

Knobs & Handles

Including: - ball knobs, revolving handles, elliptical shaped knobs, conical handles, taper knobs, cylindrical knobs, revolving ball knobs, retractable handles, revolving cylindrical handles, push pull knobs, waist shape knobs, mushroom shape knobs, revolving handles, safety handles, T handles, knurled knobs, fixed handles & gear lever handles. Click on image for full range...

Cabinet "U" Handles & Tubular Handles

Including: -  tubular handles, cabinet "U" handles, system handles, heavy duty cabinet U shaped handles, cables & connectors for tubular handles, folding handles, stainless steel, aluminum/ plastic/stainless steel or polyurethane U shape handles, ledge handles, edge handles, arch handles and folding handles.  Click on image for full range...

Cranked Handles

Including: -  cranked handles, cast iron cast handles, tri-ball handles, indexing cranked handles, retractable cranked handles and control handles. Click on image for full range...


Including: - disc handwheels, handwheels, safety disc handwheels, coupling attachments, knurled handwheels, handwheel covers, steel handwheels, stainless steel handwheels, plastic handwheels, spoked handwheels and aluminium handwheels. Click on image for full range...

Adjustable Hand Levers

Including: - male and female hand levers, male and female adjustable hand levers, male and female adjustable tension levers, ratchet spanners and  inserts for ratchet spanners. Click on image for full range...

Clamping Levers & Tension Levers

Including: -  tommy screws, control levers, clamp nuts, split hubs for gear levers, short clamping levers, tension levers, turret levers with four arms, clamping levers and ball levers. Click on image for full range...

Star knobs, Wind Screws & Knurled Screws

Including: -  knurled nuts, star knobs, wing screws, knurled thumb screws, wing nuts, hand knobs, safety star knobs, triangular knobs, push pull knobs & knurled screws. Click on image for full range...

Control Knobs & Indexing Mechanisms

Including: -  fastening units, rotary tables, rotary plates, mounting plates, connecting sets, adjustable slide units, scale rings, indexing mechanisms, indexing levers, collar bush, adjustable knobs with stepless positioning, rulers, control knobs, indicator arrows for rulers, reference flange for control knobs and flat springs. Click on image for full range...

Position Indicators

Including: -  bushes, clamping plates, disc hand-wheels, position indicators, spacer plates, hand knobs and  analogue indication. All for Position Indicators, Click on image for full range...

Indexing Plungers, Spring Plungers & Ball Lock Pins

Including: - stainless steel ball-lock pins, ball buttons, indexing plungers, distance bushings, screwdrivers, spanners, spring plungers, spring plunger holders, side thrust pins, ball-lock pins, axial lock pins, bushes, positioning bushes, spring loaded shells, attaching tools, spring elements, mounting blocks, indent blocks, cam action plungers, ball chain with key-ring, protective caps, locking plungers, locking plunger key, clamping indexing plungers, retaining cables and  key-rings. Click on image for full range...

Screws, Nuts & Washers

Including: -  ball transfer units, spherical levelling washers,  washers, swing bolts, swing nuts, C-spanners, lifting eye bolts, T-nuts, thrust pads, hexagonal nuts with spherical seating, collar nuts, grub screws for thrust pads, studs for T-nuts, keys, slot bolts, swing bolts, counter-sunk washers, male & female spherical washers, washers, stainless steel bexel discs, thrust springs for locking plates, shallow T-nuts, setting bolts, washer with covering cap, ball joint thrust pad, hexagon ball socket nut, rubber buffers, buffers, buffers dome, cam point screws, spring retainers, grub screws, lifting eye/load nuts & bolts, thread adapters, ball point screws, heavy duty washers, collars, clamping pads, guide bushes, guide pins, protective caps, C- washers, locking pads and guide pots. Click on image for full range.....  

Clamping Bolts, Eccentrical Cams & Shaft Clamping Units

Including: - wedge clamps, cam-point levers, double-cam levers, eccentrical cams, locking plates, mounting tool, hubs with eccentrical cam, clamping levers with eccentrical cam, clamping bolts, shaft clamping units & centring bore clamps. Click on image for full range...

Toggle Clamps, Power Clamps & Hook Clamps

Including: - clamping bolts, clamp mounting for toggle clamp, vertical clamps , heavy duty vertical clamps, horizontal clamps, hook clamps, plunger clamps, latch clamps, heavy duty clamps, pneumatically operated clamps, holders for clamping jaws, static holders, holders for clamping bolts, levelling shims, collar clamps, guide bushes, power clamps, hook clamps, knee lever modules, knee lever handles, knee lever arms, knee lever bushing, knee lever base plate and proximity switches. Click on image for full range...  

Levelling Feet, Door Locks & Hinges

Including: - threaded tube inserts, door locks cam style, keys, levelling feet , low cost hinges, hinges, cam latch, snap locks, threaded mounting plates, cabinet locks, insert bushes for profiled square tubes and sheet metal punches. Click on image for full range...  

Oil Level Sight Glasses & Plugs

Including: - oil level sight glasses of different materials, threaded plugs, fixing nuts for sight glasses, magnetic plugs, atex slight glass, oil level indicators, breather caps, magnetic plugs & pin keys. Click on image for full range...

Universal Joints, Fork Joints, Ball Joints

Including: - ball joints with threaded bolt, fork joints fork heads, joint ends, universal joints, gaiters, ball joints, universal joint shafts, quick fit couplings, fork heads, angled ball joints and dust caps for angled ball joints. Click on image for full range...  

Tube Clamp Connectors & Linear Actuators

Including: - tube end plugs, flanged two-way connector clamps, swivel clamp connectors, two-way connector clamps,linear actuators, linear actuator connectors, flanged linear actuator connectors, flanged connector clamps, base plate connector clamps, flanged plate clamps, T-angle connector clamps, tube supports, base plate linear connectors, T-angle linear actuator connectors, swivel clamp connector bases, swivel clamp connectors, swivel clamp connector joints, installation kit for position indicators, construction tubing round and square, hand-wheels for linear actuators, sensor holders, twistable 2-way clamp mountings, installation kits, bevel gear wheels, housings and adjustable clamping kits for connectors, Click on image for full range...  

Retaining Magnets

Including:- disc shaped retaining magnets with or without thread , stainless steel retaining magnets, retaining magnets with threaded studs, retaining magnets with bores, retaining magnets with threaded bush, retaining magnets with rubber jacket, retaining magnets with thread, rod shaped retaining magnets, pot magnets with bore, button type magnets and U magnets with bore. Click on image for full range...  

Die Sets

All our Die sets are bespoke, made to drawing or to your specification. For this reason we ask you to provide as much information as possible.

One of our technical sales staff will contact you and confirm your requirement. Our lead time from placing an order is 3 to 5 working days.

Please provide the following details when enquiring or ordering:

Plate size - width, depth, thickness

Number of pillars

Type - Middle pillar, rear pillar, diagonal, 4 pillar

Type of pillar and bush

Shut height


If a stripper plate is required?

Any specific requirements. ie cut outs including size and position


Punches & Dies

Including:-  Specials punches & dies to drawing, Heavy & Light Duty Ball-lock punches & dies, Tapered dies, Counterbored dies, retainers, close space punches, cheesehead punches, countersunk punches, ejector punches, forming punches, bottleneck punches, cylindrical head punches, headed dies, headless dies. Please download our pdf catalogue....

Urelast & Rubber Springs, Sheets, Guide Bolts, Strippers, Ejectors & Bars

Including:- Hollow urelast bars, solid urelast bars, urelast ejector pins, stripper ejectors, urelast springs, rubber springs, rubber & elastomer plates, avothane, urethane products.

Shoulder Bolts & Screws

Including:-  shoulder bolt sleeves & cup washers, hex shoulder bolts with solid head socket, shoulder bolts, countersunk headed screws, shoulder bolts for injection moulds and hexagon socket head cap screws. Click on image for full range...


Including:-  nitrided dowel pins,  nitrided extractable dowel pins, hardened precision dowel pin cases, hardened & tampered precision dowels and precision extractable dowel pins. 

Drill Bushes

Including:- headed drill bushes. click on image for full range...

Guide Pillars (Pins) and Bushes

Including:- guide bushes, guide bushes with graphite inserts, bronze/lubsteel de-mountable guide bushes, stripper bushes, bottom bolt retained pillars, guide pillars/de-mountable pillars bottom/centre retained, semi retaining rings, square clamp centre retained pillars, clamps for de-mountable pillars & bushes, tapered guide pillars/bushes, re-circulating ball bushes, plain bushes, de-mountable guide bushes and  press fit pillars/bushes. Click image for full range...

De-mountable Blocks

Including:- de-mountable blocks for pillars, de-mountable blocks with ball bush/re-circulating ball bush, de-mountable block with bronze bush, de-mountable block with graphite insert bush and de-mountable block with lubsteel bush. Click on image for full range...

Ball Bush Sets

Including:- ball cages, long spigot ball guide bushes, threaded stripper ball guide bushes and de-mountable medium ball guide bushes. 

Lifting Components

Including:- lifting hoist rings, lifting eye bolts, lifting eye nuts, lifting load rings, thread adapter for eye bolts and safety eye bolts. Click on image for full range...



ISO- European Standard- Our Compression Springs are manufactured to European Standard ISO 10243. Many sizes and Types are available next day from stock, ranging from light load to extra heavy load. Click on image for full range...

Oval - USA Standard Springs- Special Springs available on request. Click on image for full range...

Nitrogen Gas Springs-  Comprehensive range of Gas Springs to suit the small toolmaker through to multinational manufacturers. Our new RV series is a popular choice for Mercedes Benz & Renault whilst our most popular HR series caters for a wide range of body sizes and Initial Forces, ideal for the small toolmaker converting from regular die springs. Click on image for full range...

Turret Springs- Please call for availability

PDFs available to download. Please click on the image to select required files. 

Special Springs available on request. 


Mould Components

Including:- air valves, straight side locks, tapered locks, X-type side locks, titanium coated side locks, titanium coated top locks, oil-less side locks, square interlocks, round interlocks, side core units, shoulder bolts for injection moulds, precision extractable dowel pins, spring plungers with slot drive, male lifting eye bolts, locating shouldered mould pillars, mould lead bushes, slide stoppers, bushes for mould centring and socket head cap screws. Click on image for full range...

Ejector Pins

There are a lot of items available, please contact us with your requirements and we'll get back to you with a quote. 

Standard Mould Bases

Including:- mounting plates, cavity plates, backing plates, risers, ejector plates, locating shouldered mould pillars, mould lead bushes, bushes for mould centring and socket head cap screws. Click on image for full range...

Cam Units

A selection of Mechanical and Hydraulic Cam units. See also our new .pdf flip book and movie files of the Mechanical Cam Units in action! 


Berger Tools is registered in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001:2008

Our Quality Manager, Tony Bagridge, is available to discuss any concerns or questions that you may have in detail + 44 0 1732 763377

Our Commitment to YOU!

"As a Company specialising in the supply of press and machine tool components, our strategy is to provide a level of service that encourages customers to return for future business by consistently meeting and satisfying their requirements. 

Berger Tools recognises that its strategy, together with compliance to applicable statutory/ regulatory requirements, has been fundamental in developing and maintaining a viable long term business and therefore implemented a management system based on the ISO 9001 standard, to which it has been registered since 1994. 

To ensure continuance of our strategy, key performance criteria has been identified and is regularly monitored and reviewed, including systems conformity and improvement opportunities. 

The Company has also adopted an open culture and philosophy whereby every employee is encouraged to embrace the strategy of customer satisfaction through all aspects of their duties."

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