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BestPump Ltd. supplies food-grade pumps and processing systems to the hygienic manufacturing industries with a specific focus on food and beverage production.

We supply and support world-class food grade pumping solutions to manufacturers rangng from huge global brands to micro-breweries.

Drum Pumps

Getting thick, non-flowing fluids or slurries out of a drum, barrel, IBC or other vessel can be very challenging and inefficient. Our range of sanitary stainless steel and industrial-class pump systems make it simple and efficient - even the most viscous materials can be emptied.

Commonly known as drum emptying pumps, stick pumps or barrel pumps - reciprocating piston pumps are designed to make the transfer of high viscosity materials from any drum, vessel or container a safe and efficient task with minimal or zero residual waste.

Piston pumps are extremely efficient and suitable for high heads (resistance) at low flowrates. They are typically used for pumping thick, viscous fluids such as tomato paste, heavy oils, grease or mascara. The consistent discharge rates make Piston Pumps ideal for metering duties to deliver accurate portions of fluid.

A common use for Drum Pumps is to empty drums, barrels, IBCs or other vessels. They are perfect for transferring non-flowable products from containers.

Drum Pumps

Butter Pump

The BlockBuster system is BestPump's own revolutionary solution for handling and processing large solid blocks of material that cannot be pumped via conventional methods.

Using extreme force to convert awkward blocks and solids into a soft, easy to handle consistency, the system can pump and / or deposit into vessels like mixers or hoppers.

Available in two configurations, using different modes of operation which are determined by scale of production, the BlockBuster solution caters for both small and large scale production.

Basically, we can take cold 25kg blocks of butter, convert it into a slurry state and pump it to your mixer!

Butter Pump

Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps

Efficient and versatile pumps that can be used in hygienic, chemical and industrial applications. We supply diaphragm pumps constructed in many materials including plastics, cast iron, hastelloy, stainless steel and aluminium from a range of proven manufacturers.

Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps

Circumferential Piston Pumps

The worldwide standard for sanitary applications ranging from dairy to cosmetics to industrial. Rotor wings (the 'pistons') rotate in chambers machined into the pump housing to provide a large sealing surface which minimises slip and offers gentle-handling and low-shear.

  • Wright Pump TRA10 Series (drop in replacement for Waukesha Pump Universal 1)
  • Wright Pump TRA20 Series (drop in replacement for Waukesha Pump Universal 2)
  • WrightFlow Revolution Pump (hybrid rotary lobe / circumferential piston technology)
Circumferential Piston Pumps

Rotary Lobe Pumps

Rotary Lobe Pumps are high hygiene pumps and offer excellent sanitary qualities. They are also highly efficient, reliable, corrosion resistant and can easily be cleaned in place (CIP).

Rotary pumps can handle solids, slurries, pastes and many liquids. If wetted, they offer self-priming performance. The pumps offer continuous and intermittent reversible flows and can run dry for limited time periods.

Rotary Lobe pumps are very good at handling solids without inflicting damage to the product. Particle sizes can be much larger than most other positive displacement pumps and the pumps are used in many industries.

We are a leading distributor for Johnson Pump and offer the following hygienic Rotary Lobe pumps:

  • Classic+
  • Acculobe
  • Concept SQ
  • Sterilobe
  • Revolution (hybrid pump)
Rotary Lobe Pumps

Magnetic Separators

Sanitary Rare Earth magnetic separators which trap rogue metal items and particles as small as 0.0001 inch in size from liquid or dry processing lines. Ensure product purity and safeguard your equipment with a range of configurations including:

  • MagTrap - magnetic separator for liquids, slurries and pumped chunky products
  • MagGrate - magnetic separators for mechanical or gravity fed processing systems for wet or dry products
  • MagPlate - magnetic separators for use above or below conveyors for wet or dry products
  • MagDuct - magnetic separators for mechanical or gravity fed processing systems for wet or dry products
  • MagBullet - magnetic separators for dry, free-flowing products 
Magnetic Separators
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