Betol Machinery Ltd


We are a branch of Davis-Standard LLC and supply Davis-Standard extrusion systems and machinery. These extrusion systems have a world-renowned reputation and we are the European home for all support and spares for Davis-Standard machinery.

Davis-Standard extrusion systems are used by a wealth of markets and our products and services consist of machinery including downstream for pipe and profile applications.

Extrusion Machinery

Our extrusion machinery is engineered to help you produce tight tolerance products with the minimal amount of downtime. Extrusion machinery can process almost any thermoplastic material and can be tailored to suit a range of processing rates and requirements.

Our extrusion machinery can be used in a variety of markets including agriculture, adhesives and sealants, construction, wood composite, and medical.

Extrusion Screws And Barrels

Our ability to design and manufacture advanced extrusion screws and barrels is one of the many reasons we are one of the extrusion leaders. At our development centre in the United States, we research, test and supply tailored extrusion screws and barrels.

Our screws and barrels are manufactured from high quality metals with corrosion and wear resistant properties, and our process technology and experienced teams of engineers can work with customers to produce items with a range of unique features.

Extrusion Spares

Our extrusion spares include support and spares for all Davis-Standard extrusion equipment built in North America.

As well as extrusion spares for Davis-Standard machinery, we offer spares and services for equipment by Andouart, Kabel Teknik Limited and Samafor.

Betol Machinery Spares

We also provide Betol machinery spares and services for a range of equipment including vintage machines. Our Betol machinery spares allow us access to original contract files and technical records.

We can also look at drawings and ensure your Betol machinery gets the support it truly deserves.

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