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B.F.T. can take any of the above and turn in into a 3D model using "Solid Works "CAD System.

Once you are satisfied prototypes can be made, short run tooling can be produced, going onto full production tooling for plastic mould injection or investment casting.

B.F.T. Product management system can be applied at any stage to enhance your product.
Therefore we can alter tooling to your specification on existing tooling.

Working with the customer, not just for the customer, between us, you get the right idea and the right product.

CAD Design

CAD Design , or computer-aided design and drafting (CADD), is the use of computer technology for design and design documentation. CAD Design software replaces manual drafting with an automated process. 

BFT Engineering can offer excellence in CAD Design 

CAD Design


Need a prototype to make your design come to life? Here at BFT Engineering, we can bring your ideas to life.We can make any Prototype that you desire. 

Our Prototypes can be in any color or size. 


CNC Subcontract Machining

CNC Subcontract machining .

Our CNC SubContract Machining servicing  such markets as:

  • Sport & Leisure
  • Defence Industry
  • Sub Sea
  • Motor Sport
  • Medical
  • Lighting

Our focus has always been to provide the customer with the product they require via the most cost-effective means. This can be through our CNC Subcontract Machining-This can be simply via producing components using the most up to date on-line and off-line technologies, or by addressing design requirements and delivering solutions to our customers’ satisfaction.

CNC Subcontract Machining
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