Our outdoor LED screen hire is unlike any other. Each of our Big-TV mobile screens are integrated into a stunning truck and comes ready to be operated by a similarly impressive crew.

Our outdoor LED screen hire consists of the expansive screen, deployed in minutes, and can rotate an entire 360 degrees.

Our screens are certified to withstand winds up to 65mph and can now be displayed in the new 16:9 super-widescreen format.

Mobile LED Screen Hire

Our smaller mobile LED screen hire is ideal for advertising and sponsorship events and activities. The presence of a LED screen can greatly heighten the atmosphere of an event and increase awareness of what is happening and encourage interaction.

Mobile LED screen hire can add a spark of excitement to a one day event in the city or a week long campaign in the park. It is the perfect addition and strategy to any event where you wish to add advertising or generate awareness.

Outdoor LED Displays

Outdoor LED displays can improve an event that needs advertising and can enhance sponsorship activities. We have provided outdoor LED displays for a range of events and applications. Visit our website to see our gallery of display work we have done recently.

Whatever your event, our outdoor 16 square metre LED displays could help give your big day just the boost it needs.

Outside Broadcasting

Recently we have been approached to liaise with large broadcasters on important outside broadcasting events.

Our expert experience makes us an ideal contributor to such respected organisations such as the BBC, ITV and Sky. We have also provided outside broadcasting for Setana Sports.

Staging and Lighting Equipment

Our staging and lighting equipment service means you are in safe hands with us to set up and install all your staging and lighting rigs for an event. We can save you money and time by not having to deal with multiply companies and contacts to get the skills you need. We can provide a full staging and lighting equipment hire with all the knowledge and expertise you need.

We will make a detailed survey of your proposed site and provide optimum solutions at the most competitive prices. We also completely process all health and safety paperwork for you.

Filming and Camera Equipment

We also use Sony professional cameras for our filming and camera equipment services. We use Sony for their reliability and superior image quality.

However, even with the best equipment, you still need the skill behind the equipment to gain the best possible results. Our expert cameramen have extensive experience in filming outdoor events such as concerts as well as documentary filming and promotional pop videos.

Our filming and camera equipment service can help capture the vibrancy, fun and atmosphere of any event and occasion.

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