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Established in 1966, our team are experts in solving all fastening issues. Our original task was to find out how to achieve a durable and efficient fastening made of a composite material. We invented a powerful and unique design in the first ever bonding fastener: a flat perforated head which locks the product securely into position and consequently spreads the load.

For over four decades, we have helped thousands of customers and now we hold an unrivalled position in the fastener industry.

We have worked on projects both large and small, and our particular area of expertise is in furniture fasteners.

Companies as large as McDonalds have benefited from our unique furniture fasteners designs and our work on the company's bench seats was successful due to the high strength and functionality of our furniture fasteners.

Bonding Fasteners

We have a dedicated and experienced team of quality engineers who have developed our specialist products to the highest of standards. Many 'bigHeads' are designed and manufactured for a range of applications which include: bonding fasteners, marine fasteners, construction fasteners, panel fasteners, composite fasteners and special fasteners.  

Our wide range of products which includes 400 bigHeads varieties are all available at short notice. We can also work from bespoke designs. Whether it is for bonding fasteners, composite fasteners, or any of our products, we have the solutions for you.

Bonding Fasteners

Panel Fasteners

Our products are all designed and manufactured under one roof allowing us to have total control as well as being able to reply to any urgent requirement or new customer design. We have particular expertise in panel fasteners and can supply bespoke and stock products within a quick turnaround.   Panel fasteners are simple and easy to use and apply and our products offer you the guarantee of versatility, discretion and security.
Panel Fasteners

Automotive Fasteners

We are a BMW-approved supplier to Rolls Royce Motors. Leading companies use our automotive fasteners to enhance product quality and simplify production assembly.  Examples of automotive companies who have used our automotive fasteners include:

  • Aston Martin
  • Bentley
  • Ford
  • Lotus
  • TVR
  • JCB
  • Tesla
Automotive Fasteners

Marine Fasteners

Many of our stainless steel bigHeads are perfectly suited in providing high load bearing fixings to GRP, carbon fibre and other composite materials. They also withstand the most severe marine environments. bigHeads can be surface bonded with adhesive or embedded. 

Our marine fasteners are used for:

  • cabin panels
  • engine room insulation
  • deck fixings
  • light clusters

Many of the world’s leading boat builders use these marine fasteners including Sunseeker Yachts, Laser and the RNLI.

Marine Fasteners

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