Bison IBC Ltd


Bison IBC are a major supplier & manufacturer of IBCs, Totes, Jerricans (Jerrycans) and bespoke containers. IBCs for Static and Pressure Discharge. Heating and Agitation also supplied. The world's first safest, patented IBC Ground Fed Air Feed System. IBCs in all Plastic, Composite, Stainless Steel and Polyethylene Lined

Rainwater Harvesting

We also supply Rainwater collection tanks, inceptor water tanks

IBC Bulk Containers

CONSULTANCY and advice on the Transportation and Storage of Dangerous Goods

IBCs for Rental, Hire, Short or Long Term, Lease Purchase or Purchase.

Our PD 1050 Pressure Discharge IBC is the most reliable and durable on the market and carries a five year warranty on the lining.

Agitators can be supplied with new IBCs or retro fitted.

Full UN testing, repairs and spares service. IBC Refurbishing and cleaning, washing and fleet management.


Tote Bins

Bison IBC is a major IBC manufacturer, and with partners throughout Europe we offer an unparalleled range of products for your Intermediate Bulk needs.

IBC cleaning / refurbishment & repair

Bison IBC offer IBC cleaning, repair & refurbishment of Plastic and Metal IBC's. We offer an onsite and offsite service.

IBC cleaning / refurbishment & repair
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