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At Bitmen Products, we are specialists in road surfacing equipment and have designed and produced specialist road construction equipment for decades. Our product range has improved over the years to include concrete, reversing drum and mortar mixers as well as small building contractors equipment and mastic asphalt mixers.

In addition to road surfacing equipment, we also offer a refurbishment service, hire and a comprehensive spare parts facility.

Bitumen Boilers

Our bitumen boilers are highly suitable for asphalt jointing, setting and roofing and are available either double or single skinned with optional draw-off cock and hand stripper gear.

The bitumen boilers we provide also include static, mobile and fast-tow options with capacities ranging from 5 up to 50 gallons.

High quality burner hose and regulators are also available in addition to wand dryers, asphalt buckets, crimping rollers and numerous accessories.

Bitumen Boilers

Asphalt Cauldrons

Our asphalt cauldrons are also suitable for asphalt joining, setting and roofing and are available in 2CWT 5CWT and 10CWT capacities with static, mobile or fast-tow options. Other features of our asphalt cauldrons include the following:

  • Split case on 5CWT and 10CWT sizes for ease of handling
  • Heavy duty fabricated construction with conical pan and removable bottom plate
  • High quality burner hose and regulator
Asphalt Cauldrons

Infra Ray Heaters

Our infra-ray road heaters fulfil many road surface maintenance, reinstatement and removal functions using a single mobile unit. Quiet and clean in operation, with the additional advantage of permitting work under otherwise adverse conditions our infra ray heaters do not impair the quality of the material unlike other systems.

As soon as the material has been conditioned by the road heater many beneficial alternatives are open to the contractor – one being the material can easily be removed for example.

Infra Ray Heaters

Trolley Lift

Manual handling of drums can be avoided with the simple to use trolley lift designed for one person to transport either plastic or steel oil drums.

The trolley lift offers a cost effective method of transporting heavy drums with minimum effort, safely and efficiently.

Trolley Lift

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