Black Cat Music and Acoustics


Black Cat Music supplies specialist equipment for music performance and education.  

  • Music stands, lights, carts
  • Music folders - choral and orchestral
  • Music posture chairs
  • Music technology furniture
  • Instrument and sheet music storage
  • Conductor and piano equipment
  • Staging and risers
  • Theatre products
  • Acoustic products

Black Cat Acoustics designs, supplies and installs high performance acoustic equipment as a total package.  Alternatively, we can find economic solutions to individual problem areas within new or existing buildings.

  • Sound recording studios and music practice rooms
  • Sound absorptive wall treatments
  • Sound absorptive ceiling treatments
  • Acoustic doors
  • Acoustic windows
  • Acoustic floors
  • Venue acoustics

Music Stands, Lights & Accessories

We supply a large range of Wenger, RAT, and K&M and Early Music Stands for Jazz, Concerts, Opera, and Gigs. Lights utilising a combination of modern LED technology and precisely engineered optics from Mighty Bright and K&M. We also supply Music Stand Bags and Storage Carts.

Music Folders - Choral & Orchestral

A range of Choral and Orchestral Folders are available with bottom pockets, pencil pockets and strings.

Music Chairs and Accessories

Our chairs are especially design for comfort and ergonomics:

  • Posture Chair
  • Nota Chair
  • Student Chair
  • Cellist Chair
  • Musician Chair
  • Symphony Chair

Music Technology Furniture

The Music Lab Workstation is mobile and highly functional, it puts everything within comfortable reach. Perfect for classes that use 61-key music keyboards. Music Lab Workstations eliminate the disruption caused by stacked equipment and tangled cables by putting everything within comfortable reach, without hindering sightlines.

Instrument Storage

Cello and Bass, Violin and Viola racks and Acoustic Cabinets.

Conductors Equipment

We supply extendable conductor's stands and Conductor's Podiums with or without rails.

Staging and Risers

Our range of staging and risers include:

  • Tourmaster 3 Step Riser
  • Tourmaster 4th Step Addition
  • Tourmaster Backrail
  • Tourmaster Side Rails
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