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The Universal 32 bit Fujitsu MCU card contains circuit protection and isolation systems. By using this product, it will save you development time and money as the software written for the development board will be the same code used in you final product.   The Universal 32 bit Fujitsu MCU utilises a standard off the shelf 240pin DIMM connector to interface with your bespoke system PCB. This standard connector is available in leaded technology, therefore allowing designs that are leaded component based to utilise the SMT technology of this card without needing a surface mount.

Quick Start Development Kit

We provide a Quick Start Development Kit that allows you to start prototyping your future product straight away. 

The Quick Start Development Kit includes:

  • 1x Blackwood Embedded Solutions' Universal 32 bit Fujitsu MCU card
  • 1x Fanout board (With integrated 5V regulated supply, CPLD programming header and Audio output connectors, for easier prototyping and quickstart software development)
  • 1x Fujitsu Documentation + Software Tools CD, includes full unrestricted C/C++ compiler IDE (requires free registration with Fujitsu)
  • 1x Ethernet PATCH cable 0.5m
  • 1x Ethernet X-over cable 0.5m
  • 1x USB to twin serial Port convertor cable with drivers (windows 98/2000/XP/Vista)
  • 1x MCU Programming cable with two 9 D way Serial Port connectors
Quick Start Development Kit

Blackwood Embedded Solutions

At Blackwood Embedded Solutions, we specialise in real-time embedded systems. With our embedded design software and hardware, we offer consultancy services in both areas. With or without an underlying operating system, we have experience in electronic embedded design with C/C++/C#, Rhapsody UML development tools, and hardware design experience with various embedded microcontrollers.

At Blackwood Embedded Solutions, we stock Universal 32-bit Fujitsu MCU cards. They can be used for development purposes or in your final product.

Blackwood Embedded Solutions

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