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At Blast Clean North West, we supply cold water pressure washers using electric powered pumps to force water through high pressure hoses and jets to quickly and easily blast away dirt and grime. Our cold water pressure washers power varies based on pump pressure and water flow rate. We supply both small domestic and industrial machines.

Hot Water Pressure Washers

We stock fantastic hot water pressure washers to both domestic and industrial customers. Our hot water pressure washers work by pumping cold water through a diesel fired boiler to produce hot water up to 80°C / steam up to 140°C.

Static Unit Pressure Washers

We have designed static unit pressure washers for industrial and domestic use. Our static unit pressure washers enable you to stop theft, abuse, overuse of chemical and offer maximum reliability.

Diesel / Petrol Pressure Washers

Our mobile diesel / petrol pressure washers have the capability of using a water inlet from a barrel or tank of water. We have designed our diesel / petrol pressure washers to require no fixed power supply, making them the perfect solution for environments such as construction sites.

Vacuums and Carpet Cleaners

We stock a fantastic selection of vacuum and carpet cleaners including both wet and dry vacuums. Our collection of vacuums and carpet cleaners include extraction machines and the Rug Doctor for removing the most deeply embedded dirt from carpets.

Floor Buffers

We stock an excellent collection of floor buffers and polishers. Our floor buffers range from both Nilfisk Alto and Numatic allowing you to strip, scrub, polish and shampoo a wide range of surfaces.

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