Shot blasting for Surface Preparation of steel is a very efficient way to blast clean steel surfaces of rust, paint and old coatings to confiorm to the SA standard required.

Grit blasting need air compressors up to 600 CFM.  These are very heavy duty shot blast pots that are capable of very fast work rates meaning less disruption time for our clients. Very heavily corroded surfaces need hand and/or power tools initially, followed by Blast abrasive.  This will give the correct profile to accept the protective coating, which will provide the perfect preparation. 

Closed circuit shot blasting (dust free) is suited best to steel structures, such as bridges and the marine industry this can make it impractical. 

Our shot blasters are fully trained in the use of grit blasting and media blasting machines.

As Surface Preparation Contractors for rapid shot blasting of horizontal steel or large vertical surfaces we choose to use the Blastrac shot blasting machines.  These are environmentally friendly and economic. When using the Blastrac shot blasting equipment, associated trades are able to continue to work in and around the work area reducing downtime for the project.

Surface Preparation Removal

High Pressure Water Jetting
We achieve the same surface removal results as shot blasting, but without the dust and blast media contamination. With pressures up to 50,000 psi cleaning.

Surface Preparation
Contaminations levels are low on specialist floor and deck cleaners for stripping rust and old coatings.  They are suitable for removing loose flaking paint or build ups of grease or oil. 

Other surfaces include:

  • Marine
  • Highway Maintenance
  • Construction 
Surface Preparation Removal

Industrial Painting

Industrial Painting using paint spraying equipment applies protective coatings up to twenty times faster than a traditional roller, producing a better finish and less material.  Mist Free paint spraying, with no over spray, needs no protection for surrounding work areas.  

Wwe are experienced in the fast application of paint and Protective Coatings for:

  • Rail
  • Tanks
  • Marine Corrosion control
  • ships and bridges
  • Farm and construction
  • General metal fabrication

The more extreme applications are:

  • Marine and shipbuilding
  • Offshore industry
  • Container manufacturing
  • Structural steel and corrosion protection
  • Tank and pipe coatings
  • fire retardant coatings 
  • paper mills
Industrial Painting

Painters Decorators

Exterior Building Painting and all decorating jobs, commercial buildings, where a high application rate is required airless spray is the only choice.  Multiple guns can be used in the project if required. Painting houses and buildings, our pumps are able to handle all smooth decorative paints which include:

  • stains and varnish
  • through gloss
  • primers
  • acrylics
  • vinyl emulsions 
  • heavy masonry coatings

Our service is fast and cost effective. 

Painters Decorators

Spray Plastering

We give the same quality finish faster and cost effective 

Spray Plastering

Antifouling Removal Paint Stripping Boats

We are able to provide a Fast, Safe and Cost Effective alternative to:

  • antifouling
  • paint removal
  • stripping

We can remove antifoul or previously paint coatings with a very gentle soda blasting process.

Our highly trained operatives remove marine paints and antifouling from fibreglass boats.  This is an environmentally friendly method of blast cleaning. The soda blasting process is designed to remove, without damage, paint, antifoul, and all previous coating. There is no harmful waste thrown into the atmosphere so the surrounding work area is safe for others to carry on their own boat repairs.

Antifouling Removal Paint Stripping Boats

Facade Building Cleaning Blast Cleaning Expertise

Sandblasting Brick and Stone
There are various methods including:

  • brick cleaning,
  • stone cleaning
  • removing paint and old coatings from walls and building

To determine the most suitable method, we always carry out a test clean to ensure best cleaning results and no damage. Building cleaning is carried out by experienced operatives using the correct abrasive, techniques and pressures.

The use of water, wet blasting with the abrasive offers an environmentally friendly alternative. Cleaning brick to the original look can increase the value of your home or building.

A specially formulated sodium bicarbonate is directed onto the surface at high pressure. No damage to the substrate, non toxic and the soda blast medium dissolves in the water leaving only residue from the cleaned brick surface. 

Facade Building Cleaning Blast Cleaning Expertise
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