Blue Frog Packing Ltd

Here, at Blue Frog Packing, we believe that all our customers are individuals and we therefore offer an individual service, where no job is too small and we’ll always strive to deliver exactly what you require.  We understand that: 
  • You want the job to be done right first time round and our quality checks will ensure this
  • You want us to do things when we say we will - we keep our promises.
  • You want us to offer competitive pricing - our extensive experience means we can devise innovative solutions to streamline your job, making it as cost-effective as possible for you.
  • You want us to be flexible - requirements sometimes change and we will change with you.
  • You will often want us to present a seamless service to your customers and we can deliver this.  In these cases, we are not just ‘the fulfilment house’, we are you...
  " All in all, we believe that a happy customer will always come back - and we want you to be happy "

Fulfilment and Outsourced Warehousing

Fulfilment and outsourced warehousing - Why pay for the fixed costs of maintaining your own warehouse when you can outsource it to us?  Our Blue Frog stock management system ensures that your goods are securely located and managed.  We specialise in picking goods to order and despatching them to your timescales, whether it is orders from your e-commerce website or stock replenishment for your retail outlet.  We also act as a ‘drop shipper’ where we receive your container of goods directly from the manufacturer and despatch for you.     

Rework and Stock Reclaimation

Rework and stock reclaimation - Our rework services include de-labelling and over-labelling your products, as well as clearing up your damaged goods and repackaging.  We are also able to produce and apply bar code labels where required.  Our rework services mean that you can reduce your product wastage and maximise your profits.

Steam & Heat Shrink Sleeving

Steam and heat shrink sleeving - Blue Frog Packing are able to provide heat and steam shrink sleeving solutions for a wide range of markets, including wines & spirits, food amd soft drinks.  The sleeves can serve a number of purposes - for example, to more clearly apply your branding to your product, or for promotional purposes.  Clear sleevings may also be used for ‘twinning’ (where products are packaged together) or where a tamper-evident seal is required.

Bonded Warehousing

Bonded warehousing - We are an Excise Warehousing Trade Facility which means we are licensed to store and rework your wines, beers and spirits before they are duty paid. 

And when you add in our rework and despatch services, we have the perfect solution to meet your business needs.

Response Handling and Mailing

At Blue Frog Packing we offer effective response handling and mailing services including coupon handling, competitions and loyalty schemes.  We also offer a comprehensive data capture service to help you maximise your marketing opportunities.  Our prompt and efficient pick ‘n’ pack services mean your customers always receive their goods to the required timescales.

 PS:  We can’t do everything, so although we may not be a printing company or supplier of promotional merchandise (for example), we do have extensive links with the industry so are well placed to source services for all your marketing needs - just ask and, if we can help, we will!

Promotional and Contract Packing

Promotional and contract packing - Anything from assembling Product Display Units (PDUs) to display your goods in-store, to applying neck collars and security tags to bottles - Blue Frog Packing can deal with the whole range of promotional and contract packing services.  We specialise in hand-packing services which require a high level of detail such as personalised gift packing and other bespoke services.  However we also do the other things you’d expect such as spot-gluing,  promo-stickering and pallet-based packing services.   
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