Blue Gekko


Restaurant owners skills lie in providing great food, great ambiance and great service, but they are often too busy to put an effective marketing campaign in place. The most common campaigns for restaurants involve the voucher companies (eg Groupon). These get customers through the door, but have major drawbacks:

  • They have to heavily discount
  • They have to do a lot of paperwork to claim their money from the voucher company
  • They get their money from the voucher company some weeks later
  • The voucher company keeps half of the money
  • The voucher company charges VAT, so the restaurant is left with even less
  • The users turn up in masses at the beginning of the offer, with another wave when the vouchers are about to run out. There's a distinct lull in the middle
  • They have little control over the time these customers book - it doesn't address slow days
  • The customers get more vouchers - and go to other restaurants!

So I want to speak to Restaurant owners to show them how I can

  • Get them more business on tap!
  • Get them more business on their slow days
  • Get them more business at their slow times of day
  • Get them to keep a lot more of their money compared with the group coupon model
  • Get them increased loyalty from their customers
  • Get their customers to spread the word
  • Make them more profit

In fact, I'm so sure I can make a restaurant more profit, that I'm going to stick my neck out:

If I haven't convinced a restaurant owner in a 20 minute chat that I can make the restaurant more profit, then I'll do their washing up for a whole service! 

Can we help?