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We provide Search Engine Optimisation Consultancy for clients that have their own in house marketing teams. It provides additional resource to complement internal teams' activities. We provide thought leadership and strategic direction in regards to SEO activity. We provide monthly reports of what activity you are and aren't currently doing as part of your SEO activity, and providing guidance on how to improve the SEO further. Our consultancy is tailored around the needs of each business we work with. References available on request.

Social Media Consultancy

We provide monthly consultancy service to clients that want direction with their social media activity. This service is largely applicable to large SMEs and Corporate clients that have their own marketing teams in house, or who prefer to do their marketing activities themselves but work with experienced external professionals. We provide a monthly report of what social media activity you are and aren't doing well, and an action plan of activity to improve performance. We tailor our service around the needs of each of our clients. 

SEO Management Service

We provide a holistic SEO management service for clients that wish to outsource all of their SEO requirements. We provide a service that is tailored to the needs of clients and objectives. We provide on-page and off-page analysis and a strategy and fee associated with the requirements. Our service is focused on strategic link building (and not buying), social media, and on-page keyword targeting centred around the buying cycle of our clients' customers. Full consultancy provided prior to any quote.

SEO Penalty Management

This service is designed to help companies that have been affected by the penguin and panda algorithms right from February 2011. Many companies we work with have been seriously affected by poor SEO practice of lazy SEO companies. This has resulted in lower organic rankings, less traffic and less sales. The service focuses on addressing the issues, cleaning domains and improving ranking positions.

Multilingual SEO

Our multilingual SEO strategies are for companies that target multiple markets, particularly pan European, EMEA and/or Asia. It involves optimising a website in multiple languages, or multiple domain extensions in different languages. Our services minimises the cost across markets and maximises performance for the budget. We provide full multilingual copywriting and translation for all markets globally.

Small Business SEO

We provide SEO at affordable prices for smaller businesses. This service is designed for companies that are less than a year old. The service has three key differentials from the standard managed SEO service:

1. Costs are significantly reduced and packages range from £50 to £500 per month.

2. The service is a packaged SEO strategy with a set monthly workflow with a general helpline phone number.

3. The service is provided on a rolling 30 day contract.

These unique selling points minimises the risk for new businesses whilst still receiving SEO work that can help businesses succeed online.

Mobile SEO

This service is designed to help businesses improve their website visibility on mobile devices.  Many websites are not optimised for mobile usage, meaning the content does not format to fit the screen size of a mobile browser and Google giving more preference to content that formats better on mobile. Our service offers improvements to businesses on mobile, which may involve a new mobile website or optimisation of existing mobile interfaces. This is bespoke dependant upon the website. Please contact us for a review.

Local SEO

This service is designed for local companies that want to appear higher up the search engines for local targeted search terms. As a result, packages are generally cheaper and companies are generally small SMEs. In which case this service qualifies under the small business SEO offering.

Social Media Management

We provide a holistic social media management service for companies that wish to outsource their social media activity to a management company like us. We first get an understanding of objectives before agreeing on the workflow. Objectives vary from increasing social following, managing social following, improving brand awareness through social channels, running social media campaigns or maximising return on investment from an existing social media following. Strategies and costs vary depending on the work involved, please contact us for a quote. Full review and assessment is carried out before any quote is provided.

Social Media for Small Businesses

This service is designed to provide a social media service for small businesses. It does so at lower costs, agrees a set monthly work to be done on social channels, and is delivered on a rolling 30 day contract. Elligibility for this service is dependent upon trading history and incorporation date of the company.

PPC Management

We provide a holistic PPC management service for clients that wish to outsource their PPC management to an experienced agency. We provide full keyword analysis, campaign builds, bid management and monthly reporting. Full account management service available 9 to 5 Monday to Friday.

PPC for Small Businesses

We provide a small business PPC management service which involves a set monthly workflow for a PPC campaign targeted for small businesses. It is delivered at a reduced cost and on a 30 day rolling contract. For more details please contact us.

SEO Training

Our SEO training courses are designed for company owners who manage their marketing themselves, marketing graduates, and people new to SEO who wants to learn how to do it. It is a holistic course that covers every area of SEO within 1 day, and acts as a tool kit for delegates to take away and feel confident they can manage their own SEO themselves.

PPC Training

Our PPC training courses are designed for people that are new to PPC, people who are managing their own PPC but want to know more tips and tricks, and people that want to get the basics to pass the GACP Fundamentals exam. Our training course is 1 day long and covers all areas from keyword research, campaign creation, bid management and optimisation. 

Social Media Training

We provide a 1 day social media training course for people that want to manage their own business' social media activity. We run through how social media works, what to do and how best to utilise it as a marketing channel. 

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