Blue Sky Event and Media

Inspire, Inform & Motivate your audiences through targeted communication.

Blue Sky Event & Media integrates video, multimedia, 3d design and event management into a single corporate communications strategy for both private and public sector organisations.

Our post production facilities at Cheltenham Film Studios include two digital edit systems, motion graphics, sound dubbing, DVD authoring and over 5000 square feet of studio space.

We inspire, inform and motivate audiences across the UK and Europe in the fields of airlines, banking, catering, retail, education, motor industry, construction, the home office, local government including organisations such as:

Barclays, Beefeater, BMW, Ernst & Young, Safeway, Cadbury, Birmingham City Council and Gloucestershire County Council.

Video and DVD Production
Blue Sky provides a complete video production service from planning, scripting, shooting, editing and mastering for DVD, CD ROM, intranet or web streaming - and we take care of duplication, packaging and distribution.

Our programmes are above the industry standard and include communications for
  • Brand awareness
  • Product launches
  • Training
  • Health & safety
  • Internal communications
  • Recruitment and Induction
  • Sales promotion
  • Exhibition media
  • Fundraising
Our role is to create understanding, inspiration, motivation and desire. Through these values we change people's minds, influence audiences and so deliver your objectives.

Your business is unique - so are your challenges and the solutions to those challenges.

So our first task is to understand you, your market, your objectives, and target audience.

And only when we have a thorough understanding in these areas do we explore fresh ideas that will deliver your message, reflect your values and engage your audience.

The highly experienced creative team consistently exceeds clients' expectations, even with the tightest of budgets and deadlines.

'I can honestly say that for the first time, I was moved by a DVD. You've done a brilliant job. Well done.' PK - Kilvington

'I am so grateful to you for always producing such high quality material, but most of all for all the care you take and the wonderful way in which you work with everyone and all the extra commitment that you make. I look forward to our next production, which is moving towards the planning stage now.' Birmingham City Council

'The verbal feedback from the Home Office put our exercise 'at the top of the tree’... I will expect to receive enquiries from other police forces, who will be running future exercises & will have no hesitation in recommending Blue Sky to them.' Gloucestershire Constabulary

'I was really impressed by the quality of both sound and vision... I haven’t seen another film that showed such an intelligent understanding of the topic... [ASD].' A Woodcock

Event Production
Blue Sky produces conferences, awards presentations, product launches and live events across the UK and Europe.

We offer a complete event production service, from small business presentations to large international events, integrating every part of event planning and production management including:
  • Venue search
  • Set and lighting design
  • Audio visual installation
  • Show Support
  • Video production
  • Show direction
  • Musical direction and entertainment
Extensive experience working across Europe means we have the ability to manage events from start to finish. We have the creative flair to excite and inspire your audience and technical expertise to deliver our promise.

Our objective is to give you a stress free run up to the event and to create an experience that your audience will never forget.

‘You organised such a wonderful evening for us all. I’ve been to the Cathedral dozens of times over the years but never like last Thursday. I can only congratulate you on a seamless and highly creative event; it was incredibly memorable for us all. MM

‘...The evening was a great success and Sanctuary were proud to be associated with the event.’ Sanctuary Housing

‘...Last night was one of the best (if not, THE best) functions I have ever attended, atmospheric, very entertaining and enjoyable!’ Nelson Training

‘Thank you for a marvellous performance. I have heard so many positive comments about the show and the video presentation and how important it is so that people will understand what it's all about. Congratulations and thank you for your commitment. It will be a great pleasure to co- operate with the Blue Sky team for Mercury 2004.’ Michael König, Chairman, Mercury Awards

3D Design
Using the latest 3d design software allows our clients to see their stage set, exhibition stand or video sequence before production begins. We create still and moving 3d images for exhibition design, event planning and video animation.

After modeling any given environment in the digital domain, we are free to explore lighting arrangements and alternative layouts and design details. check our website for information on all the stages involved.
  • Exhibition Design
  • Conceptualisation
  • Design Development
  • Photorealistic Images
  • Animation
  • Special Effects
  • 3d Motion graphics
New media
Digital media production allows transfer of creative content and output into any media channel that’s needed.

There are no boundaries. Video content can quite easily be streamed on the web now, as web content may be absorbed into video... photographic stills may be animated into a video sequence for output to CD ROM, or DVD, web or a variety of printed formats.

High definition video acquisition now enables subtle detail to be captured and retained throughout the production flow. Digital imaging has never been sharper, allowing images to be projected onto super wide screens up to one hundred feet across.

A completely digital production process allows us to explore and develop creative ideas and transfer to any medium as the project requires. Services include:
  • CD ROM
  • DVD Authoring
  • Multilingual DVD authoring
  • Interactive DVD
  • Multi-angle viewing
  • DVD Rom - embedding additional data
  • www connection
  • Web Streaming
  • Flash
  • Windows media
  • QuickTime
  • Real Player
  • Web Casting
This increased flexibility means that once media assets have been created, we can provide better value with consistent creative execution across all disciplines.

The Way we work
Whether your communication objectives are achieved through a live event, exhibition or DVD is not important to us. The end result is.

We are happy to work on a complete integrated communications package or become involved at any stage of the strategic process.

Our services include:
  • Corporate Video Production
  • Filming
  • Digital Editing
  • Sound dubbing
  • Animation
  • DVD production
  • CD Rom Authoring
  • Duplication
  • Replication
  • Web Streaming
  • Video Conferencing
  • Event Recording
  • Conference Production
  • Event Management
  • Awards Production
We advise you on relevant technologies to put you ahead of your competition, develop communications programmes designed to enhance your brand values and find fresh, engaging ways to express your message and stimulate your audience.

Working entirely in the digital domain means that all your assets can work for you through any delivery platform whether web based, print, DVD, CD ROM or live event.

The result? - An integrated communications programme that delivers your objectives across all media.

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