Blueberry Health


Blueberry Health specialises in the development of effective and innovative solutions for the healthcare sector. We work closely with clinicians, NHS organisations and healthcare professionals to create leading-edge software ensure that always meets requirements and actively enhances the patient journey in real terms. Our flagship product is the Blueberry In-Patient Management System (BIMS) for managing the complete in-patient journey.


BIMS is a customisable Web-based application, developed to help ward staff manage patient traffic and bed allocation within a hospital. BIMS makes the daily process of patient and bed management easier, improves staff efficiency by saving time and helps management meet hospital performance targets.


BIMS integrates with hospital Trusts’ Patient Administration Systems (PAS) to automatically enter patients into BIMS and to the Trust’s Active Directory login system to provide a simple login method for users. A flexible permissions system limits access according to the users' role, whilst a reporting sub-system allows comprehensive monitoring of performance against a variety of targets.


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