Bluecore Heatsinks Ltd


Bluecore Heatsinks Limited can supply a wide range of heatsinks for many different markets. We have great experience in thermal management and can cater for your cooling needs effectively. With our vast range of products we can supply a variety of cooling solutions.


We offer a large range of standard extrusion profiles which can be used for many different applications. Designed with optimum cooling in mind, our profiles can reduce system temperatures while increasing system reliability. We can customise our profiles to suit your specific needs.


Bluecore understands that thermal concerns are becoming more and more of an issue for the telecommunications, military, industrial automation, power and medical sectors. In fact anyone wishing to package modern electronics seriously has to consider the thermal implications of what they are trying to do.


To service this growing requirement Bluecore carries a wide range of heatsinks and extrusions which can then be used as standard or customised to suit many applications. To complement this range we carry a variety of attachment clips, tapes and interface materials.


At the other end of the scale, Bluecore are proud of our ability to supply complex, totally customised heatsinks or extruded solutions that are often beyond the capabilities of many of our competitors. Combining this with our robust quality management system and tight internal controls on logistics and inventory gives Bluecore a truly responsive, customer focused approach rivalling any elsewhere in the marketplace.


Our copper heatsinks come as standard and custom and are produced by a variety of ways which include forging, stamping, skived fin and soldered fins. Bluecore would recommend only using  copper heatsinsk where there is a high forced airflow or where the heat source is covering a small percentage of the heat sink base.


We can design and manufacture LED heatsinks to suit your individual requirements. We also have a range of production facilities which include die casting and extrusion machines, and can incorporate heat pipes and fans for the most extreme applications.

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