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Boardman Transformers are established designers & manufacturers of transformers, power supplies & Monitoring relays for Distributors, OEM's and panel builders.

  • Auto starter Tranformers
  • Three Phase Transformers
  • Din Rail Mounted Transformers
  • Control Panel Transformers
  • Regulated Power Supplies
  • Monitoring Relays
  • Special Units

Control Panel Transformers

From 25VA Control Transformers to 1 MVA Power Transformers and including Auto Starter Transformers, Voltage Transformers, Special Winding and Transformer Rectifies.

AC Line Reactors
For harmonic attenuation in AC Power Systems.

DC Chokes
For smoothing AC ripple in DC Circuits.

Control Panel Transformers

Auto starter Tranformers

Auto starter transformers for Korndorffer method of starting to BS4941 (EN 609470) for use on 50/60Hz supply.

Normal input voltage 380-415v with tappings of 50%, 65% and 80%. Rated for 15 starts per hour. Other voltages and tappings are available.

Auto Starter TransformerAuto Starter Transformer for reduced voltage starting of motors
StandardBS4941, BSEN60947
Input VoltagesUp to 1000V AC
Voltage Taps50%, 65%, 80% as standard - other taps available
Insulation ClassF
Insulation Resistance> 5 Meg Ω
Dielectric StrengthWinding to Earth > 2.5kV
Ambient Temperature40¿
Duty Cycle15 Starts per hour
Auto starter Tranformers

Three Phase Transformers

Three Phase Industrial Transformers 160 - 750kVA

Three-phase Industrial Transformers designed and manufactured to comply with IEC61558 and IEC60076. These are double-wound Isolation Transformers for continuous duty and complete with earth screen between the primary and secondary windings.

Three Phase Transformers

Special Units

Our large range of wound products start from standard 25VA Control Panel Transformers to 750kVA Power Transformers, with a comprehensive offering of products and solutions covering everything in between.

The Boardman product range also includes AC Line Reactors and DC Chokes and Power Supply Units (SMPS)

Special Units
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