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Our security and telescopic bollards are designed to aid in temporary and permanent traffic efforts. Our products are designed to provide the highest levels in security.

Telescopic bollards are suited for locations where authorised access is necessary, but public access needs to be prevented. For needs of flexibility, these bollards also have a matching static bollard. This way, perimeter control can be achieved in a cost-effective manner.

Static Bollards and Posts

We stock a range of static bollards and posts to suit every application. All bollards and barriers are designed to protect the highest security establishments. These bollards have a matching retractable telescopic bollards.

As part of the static bollard range, we supply:

  • Anti ram barriers
  • Anti ram bollards
  • Anti ram raid posts
Static Bollards and Posts

Hoop Barriers

We stock various types of hoop bollards from our range. This equipment is an effective way to restrict access. Our hoop barriers are made from galvanised steel and are often powder coated for extra durability.

We stock a wide variety for hoop barriers. Please contact us for more details.

Hoop Barriers

Street Furniture

Street furniture is a common sight in many high traffic areas in urban, civic or rural settings. Please visit our extensive street furniture options including:

  • Rubbish Bins
  • Ashtrays
  • Recycling Bins
  • Steel Seating
  • Cycle Stands
Street Furniture

Bollard Security Ltd

We are a privately owned and operated and offer security bollards and street furniture. We have over 18 years and are fast becoming one of the leaders in our field.

We specialising in both static/fixed and telescopic retractable posts, bollards and barriers. All of products are provided with fast installation lead times for any size of order.

Bollard Security Ltd

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