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Bollhoff is a worldwide manufacturer of proprietary fastening systems and a major distributor of DIN standard fasteners.

The Böllhoff Group is continuously growing with its customer’s tasks and objectives. The Böllhoff mission is to consistently develop innovative products and services, tailor-made for customer applications.

A network of 42 companies at 33 locations in 21 countries with about 2,000 motivated employees makes its contribution to optimizing the customer’s productivity and processes. Additionally, working with agencies in 5 continents secures closeness to all important markets.

A wide range of solutions

RIVNUT® blind rivet nut is the recognised brand leader for captive sheet metal fasteners assembled from one side only.

RIVSET® self-piercing rivets allow dissimilar sheets to be joined without the need for pre-prepared holes.

AMTEC® inserts provide strong reusable threads into plastic mouldings.

SNAPLOCK® is a non-threaded push-on-pull-off fixing that eliminates vibration and tolerances and reduces disassembly time.

FLEXITOL® tolerance compensating fasteners dynamically adjust to take up gaps between components during assembly.

Bollhoff is accredited with both TS16494 and ISO-14001 Quality standards.

A wide range of solutions

You can benefit from a comprehensive range of services

Our customer service representatives in application engineering help you with new developments and with optimising existing applications.
Our range of services comprises the reduction of the number of different parts as well as the simplification of assembly. Within this process, the focus is always on product improvement and simultaneous reduction in production costs.

  • Construction and design of fasteners
  • Construction and supply of customer-specific special articles
  • Application engineering tests in certified laboratory
  • Company prototype construction
  • Standardisation of fasteners
  • Optimisation of assortments
  • Technical publications in the field of fastening technology
  • Customer seminars
You can benefit from a comprehensive range of services
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