Boneham and Turner Ltd

Boneham & Turner Ltd is a leading manufacturer of tooling components and precision engineered components in the UK. With almost 100 years experience in the manufacture and supply of:

  • Jig Bushes
  • Drill Bushes
  • Dowel Pins
  • Jig & Fixture Parts
  • Press Tool Components
  • Shims
  • Koenig Sealing Plugs
  • Engineered Pins
  • Clevis Pins
  • Special Components

Drill Bushes

We have one of the largest stocks of standard drill bushes in the UK. Our innovative drill bushes are available in both metric and imperial sizes and are manufactured to BS, ISO, DIN and ANSI standards to meet your individual specifications. The Boneham Group is one of the Worlds largest manufacturers of drill bushes, supplying standard and special bushes with a large portfolio of OEM standards.

Our drill brushes range includes:

  • Plain jig bushes
  • Headed bushes
  • Renewable bushes
  • Liner bushes
  • Serrated drill bushes
  • Location bushes
  • Anchor bushes
  • Handle bushes
  • Cup bushes
  • Guide bushes 
  • Mould box bushes
Drill Bushes

Location Pins

Boneham manufactures a range of location pins, location bushes and slotted locator bushes in tool, hardened and ground steel. Boneham location pins are used to locate and fix elements in to holes of differing tolerances in tools, jigs and fixtures for exact alignment.

  • DIN 6321 Location Pins
  • T and L Alignment Pins
  • T-Bar Jig Pins
  • Receiving Liners
  • Slotted Bushes
  • Rest Buttons
  • Bullet Nose Dowels
  • Bullet Nose Pins
Location Pins

Clevis Pins

Boneham manufacture advanced clevis pins as a type of fastener allowing the rotation or swivel of the connected parts about the axis of the pin linkage. Boneham's high quality clevis pins include a head, shank and cross drilled hole. Clevis pins are available in both imperial and metric sizes to ISO 2341B DIN 1444B, in stainless steel and bright zinc coated steel.

The complete standard range:

  • Zinc Plated Metric and Imperial Clevis Pin
  • Stainless Steel Metric and Imperial Clevis Pin
  • Fork End Clevis Pin
  • Fork Ends
  • R-Clips
  • Circlips
  • Washers DIN 125
Clevis Pins

Standard Engineering Parts

Boneham's supply a range of standard components for building Jigs and Fixtures. Boneham's specialise in providing clamping and fixing solutions, knobs and handles, positioning and machine solutions, and hydraulic components.

Our collection of parts and components include:

  • Clamps
  • Washers
  • Bolts
  • Engineers studs
  • Knobs
  • Handles
  • Thumb screws
  • Location pins
  • Spring Plungers
  • Index Plungers
  • Toggle Clamps
Standard Engineering Parts

Koenig Sealing Plugs

The Koenig Expander is a unique system to seal holes in hydraulic and pneumatic components. The Koenig sealing plug is a Swiss manufactured sealing solution which provides a safe, quick, leakproof, and cost-effective solution for sealing cross-drilled holes. It ensures peak performance with a comfortable safety margin even in extreme applications. Koenig sealing solutions are available in five styles and in different materials.

  • Koenig Expander
  • Koenig Restrictor
  • Koenig Check Valves
Koenig Sealing Plugs


We manufacture steel shims to meet your specifications in a variety of materials and thicknesses. We produce rectangular shim, circular or special shaped shims in brass, stainless, copper and laminated metals. Our shim manufacture is carried out in a specialist press shop using highly skilled tool and jig engineers. We ensuring all our shims have a precision finish only Bonehams can provide. 

Shim applications include:

  • Pumps
  • Clutches
  • Actuators
  • Brakes
  • Valves
  • Compressors
  • Power Transmissions
  • Gear Boxes

Press Tool Parts

We have a fantastic range of press tool parts available.

Our collection of press tool parts includes:

  • Die Sets
  • Guide Pins
  • Guide Bushes
  • Ball Cage Bushes
  • Die Springs
  • Disc Springs and Elastomer Springs
  • Punches and Dies
Press Tool Parts

Euco Micrometer Spacing

We supply Euco micrometer spacing to accurately maintain the spacing between two or more milling cutters assembled on an arbor. Our Euco micrometer spacing collars are made in the UK and are dispatched worldwide to provide rapid and accurate adjustment in an otherwise inflexible set up. The material is an alloy steel specially selected for wear resistance and durability, satin chrome plated with faces lapped.

Euco Micrometer Spacing

Precision Special Parts

Since 1918, we have been improving machinery and passing on a wealth of precision special parts experience through apprenticeships and dedicated long serving staff. Our customers know when a drawing is passed to us, they can expect the very best in precision special parts, engineered solutions and workmanship.

Precision Special Parts

Precision Clamps and Vices

We provide a high quality selection of standard precision clamps and vices for a variety of uses.

Our precision clamps and vices include:

  • Precision Vice: Type 6552
  • Precision Vice: Type 6553
  • Drilling Machine Vice: Type 6543
  • Parallel Supports
  • Parallel Supports to DIN 7168
Precision Clamps and Vices

Toggle Clamps

Our toggle clamps have been designed to improve engineering and fabrication applications. The improvements are based on the ability to quickly clamp and unclamp work pieces, greatly reducing down time for machine operators.

Our first-class range of toggle clamps includes:

  • Vertical Clamps
  • Horizontal Clamps
  • Telescopic Clamps 
  • Locking Clamps
Toggle Clamps

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