Booster Cushion Theatre Ltd


Booster Cushion Theatre for Children was formed 22 years ago and has presented more than 4000 performances to nearly half a million people. Booster Cushion Theatre has 5 comedies suitable for Children’s Parties. If you are planning a party please call early to avoid missing your preferred date. BCT tour all over the UK throughout the year. We are happy to discuss what you need and how best Booster Cushion Theatre can help make your party go well.

We have presented comical dramas for children in all sorts of locations. As a touring theatre company we have worked in theatres in Scotland, Ireland, Wales, England and various venues in the Shetlands, The Isle of Iona, The Isle of Wight, The Isle of Man and the Isle of Dogs in the rain under a railway arch to 5 people! Our kids entertainer has worked with big audiences in Bristol Old Vic (500+), out side in Regents Park London, with elephants in London Zoo and even children in schools, libraries and domestic parties.

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