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Online backup (also known as offsite backup, Internet backup and remote backup) works by securely transmitting your business data to our Offsite Backup Servers via standard broadband. Military grade encryption makes online backup arguably the most secure backup standard available.

Why Online Backup

More reliable, more secure and more robust than tape and other traditional backup, online backup is set to become the ‘de facto’ standard for business data backup. With our offsite backup prices starting from just £5 p/m* it's also more economical than ever to secure and protect your business data.

Why Online Backup

Exchange & SQL Online Backup

  • Microsoft Exchange Server
    Our offsite backup software has built in functionality for Microsoft Exchange. With an Exchange Server backup license the entire Information Store can be backed up. Exchange Server individual mailbox licenses can be additionally purchased for backup and restore of single mailboxes.

    System state is automatically backed up with an Exchange Server Backup as this is required in the event of disaster recovery.

    Log files can be backed up individually as well as full database backups. Separate schedules can be set accordingly.
  • Microsoft SQL Server
    Our SQL Server module will allow online backup of your SQL databases direct to our remote backup servers.
    Transaction log backups can be taken throughout the day along with database backups on any schedule you define. 
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