BoxSizer Ltd


Suppliers of the new intelligent random box sizing machine from Linkx systems and fully automatic pallet wrappers from Cousins.

The BoxSizer significantly reduces logistic costs by automatically sensing the volume of free space in a cardboard case and cutting it down to a size appropriate for the contents.  The case is then sealed and is ready for despatch.  You no longer have to ship fresh air and you’ll save money on loose fill packaging.  Designed primarily for the diverse e-commerce fulfilment market, the BoxSizer is the easiest way to maximise your shipping efficiency.

The A-Arm Pallet Wrapper from Cousins Packaging is the first fully automatic machine that comes with wireless remote control as standard for the price of many semi-automatic machines.  There is no need for a forklift driver to leave his vehicle and there are no messy film tails as the wrapping cycle starts and ends by itself at the top of the pallet.   Pallets heights are automatically sensed and there is no operator intervention required until a film change is necessary.  Additionally, the A-Arm runs off a standard 13amp domestic power supply – no fiddly three phase electrics and no noisy compressed air.

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