Braille Batteries UK


Braille Battery UK started to develop lightweight components for race vehicles in 2002 and a year later we released our lightweight carbon fibre body panels and also started to research lighter battery options.

In 2004, Braille Battery launched B14115 batteries for the sport compact and import racing sectors. In 2005, we released a line of lightweight aluminium mounts and charges. We had to develop to meet the requirements of our growing customer base and launched a new website.

Then, in 2006, we released our 'Oxygen' racing seats. They were instantly used by the top racing teams and we were continuing to develop new battery models to meet the needs of the race teams.

Later, in 2007, we launched the world's first carbon fibre battery line using innovative and advanced technology, and in 2008 we released the 'Endurance' range of batteries that meet the needs of large displacement applications. At this point, we also start to research and develop alternative battery energies and design concepts.

In 2009, we expanded our company globally and developed a European distributor and grew divisions in Australia and in the USA. 

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