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Established in 1984, Brainboxes, is a world leader in Serial and Bluetooth connectivity. With product ranges to suit every application including office, Point of Sale and industrial automation solutions, including our new USB to Serial and Ethernet to Serial ranges - we are sure to have the right solution for you!

All products are designed and manufactured in house in Liverpool and are supported by Brainboxes exclusive in-house software.

Our serial products also come with lifetime warranty and support ensuring our customers of a true fit and forget experience.
Brainboxes is a Microsoft Gold Partner ensuring products are supplied with the latest drivers to support operating systems up to Windows 7.

  • USB to Serial
  • Ethernet to Serial
  • PCI Express
  • ExpressCard
  • uPCI
  • Bluetooth

Ethernet to Serial

  • Simple, instant cable replacement providing network integration
  • Retain existing software applications on your network and connect from anywhere in the world
  • Rugged metal enclosure with integrated wall mount

USB to Serial

Our USB to Serial ranges cover both mobile Laboratory devices and Industrial metal cased products to be extremely robust even in hard hat environments. Brainboxes Boost software provides an excellent User Interface with state of the art compatibility and data integrity.

PCI Express

PCI Express (PCIe) slots are replacing PCI slots within desktop PCs and servers, they have a similar form factor and user experience as the older PCI cards, however they are both faster and require less power and are becoming the card type of choice. Brainboxes PCI Express cards will fit in any PCI Express slot - x1, x4, x8 & x16. We manufacture an extensive range of PCI Express cards with 1 to 8 ports, RS232 or RS422/485, that come with LPT option, and with or without cables.


Bluetooth is a simple instant radio solution that allows different devices to communicate without cable connections. Since Bluetooth devices are radios, they can even communicate through walls and upto distances of 100m.
Brainboxes BL-819 and BL-830 are bluetooth to serial adaptors, they require no driver software to be added to the PC or the peripherals and so are ideal instant cable replacements.


Brainboxes PCI cards are compatible with both 5V and 3.3V slots, they universal PCI cards, uPCI.
We manufacture an extensive range of PCI cards with 1 to 8 ports, RS232 or RS422/485, that come with LPT option, and with or without cables. PCI cards are plug & play, fit internally to the PC and give the most secure add on solution for permanent installations.


ExpressCards are the new connect standard for laptops and can be found in most laptops supplied since 2006/07. ExpressCard slots come in 34mm and 54mm widths, all of Brainboxes ExpressCards will fit in either slot. Use our ExpressCard spacer in 54mm slots when you require added physical security. The cards are hot swappable and can be added or removed without having to turn your PC on or off.


PCMCIA is the classic way of adding connectivity to laptops. Brainboxes’ PCMCIA range includes 1 or 2 ports in either RS232 or RS422/485. As standard most PCMCIA cards have removable cables terminating in a 9 pin D connector. Ruggedised PCMCIA cards have permanently attached cables for increased security.

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