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Our worldwide applications laboratories are ready to answer your questions or assist you with your applications and related plastic joining services. We have expertise in performing feasibility studies, giving advice on materials, and helping with design services.

We want to meet the steadily increasing requirements of the key industry and its suppliers. With Plastics Joining Consulting and Branson, we offer comprehensive services with global support in developing and conducting joining processes.

Plastics in Automotive Sector

Our work with plastics has allowed us to play an important role in helping the automotive industry meet tomorrow´s challenges. Plastics are replacing conventional materials because they provide the versatility that designers seek, deliver the functionality that engineers demand, and help contribute to the safety and environmental value that consumers expect.

With our experience in plastics joining, we are forefront of helping to revolutionise the automotive industry.

Electronics Industry Support

We have a strong background in supporting the electronics industry. We recogonise the demands in a rapidly growing and highly competitive market.

For the electronics industry, we offer low-cost welding systems with the advantage of years of experience, especially in the development for products with short life cycles.

Food Processing Technologies

We have been helping to innovate food processing technologies for many years. Our cutting units perform rapidly and hygienically. They are seamlessly integratable into production lines.

With food processing customers all over the world, our products are put into operation in food processing plants, industrial bakeries and dairies.

Medical Industry Plastics

We play a key role in the highly competitive field of medical technology. Medical device manufacturers require creatively compression mechanics, and must choose an appropriate assembly process. We can help the medical technology field find the correct assembly processes and create a feasible part/joint design procedure. At Branson, we can help you conquer market challenges through various plastic joining technologies.

Ultrasonic Welding

We are the world leader in ultrasonic welding. We work with industries, including automotive, battery, refrigeration, electrical, medical, and appliance.

Ultrasonic metal welding provides solutions, performance, improved throughput, and reduced maintenance. We show you how we can provide high-quality parts for you with the latest in ultrasonic welding technologies.

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