Brewline is the online ordering website of Hygienic process equipment, which is aimed at the Brewing and Winemaking industries. The products on the site range from stainless steel tube through to Brewery fittings

 We specialise in the supply of stainless steel pipeline equipment aimed specifically at the Brewing and Winemaking industries. Brewline's parent company, Hygienic Process Equipment has been established for many years and the experience gained, working within the food, drink, pharmaceutical and allied industries meant the progression to the Brewing and winemaking sector was a natural one. 
The website was Created in response to an existing micro brewer customer who bought some items from HPE and commented that he had difficulty in finding an online ordering site for brewery pipeline components.

The type of customer we find ordering through the Brewline website are usually from the Micro Brewing or wine making industries. However, some of the components used in the brewing industry are also used in other types of industry where the Hygienic Process of product is carried out. As a result, amongst our regular customers we also have a cheese maker and a couple of dairies.

As well as the supply of off the shelf standard items, Brewline also offers a bespoke manufacturing service. So if the item you require is not shown on our website, we can probably manufacture it for you. Good examples of items we have recently manufactured include a 3/4" Hosetail adapted to fit a DIN40 male threaded valve outlet, and an adaptor consisting of a 2" RJT male fitting to a 1.5" Hosetail.

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