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We have a wealth of experience in air sampling in the North West. We specialise in measuring exposure to a wide range of airborne contaminants. These may be extremely visible hazards such as wood dust or flour dust or more insidious ones such as isocyanates or hexavalent chromium.

We provide air sampling as part of a COSHH Assessment. We can investigate the effectiveness of controls such as local exhaust ventilation or to find out what level of respiratory protection is needed.

Environmental Consultants

We are UK Environmental Consultants specialising in occupational hygiene and workplace health and safety.
Do you have health, safety and environmental issues in the workplace? Dust, fumes, chemicals, noise - or even a sick building?

If so, we can help you to comply with the law, keep your workers healthy and ensure that your organisation stays effective and efficient. Almost all workplaces have health risks that must be eliminated, reduced or managed properly. The consequences of failing to do this can be extremely serious for the workers, management and shareholders.

Environmental Consultants

Occupational Hygiene Services

Brian Milligan occupational hygiene services include:

  • COSHH Assessment: Under the COSHH Regulations, employers must assess the risks of exposure to hazardous substances in the workplace. There are well-defined steps integral to this process and we can assist with any of them.
  • Air Sampling: Brian Milligan Associates have a wealth of experience in measuring exposure to a wide range of airborne contaminants, whether it be extremely visible hazards such as wood dust or flour dust or more insidious ones such as isocyanates or hexavalent chromium.
  • Noise measurement and control
  • Office environment: Office workers can often display a variety of symptoms such as headaches, tiredness, sore throats, etc., which are thought to be work-related but are difficult to allocate to any particular cause. We are experienced in assessing such situations, and would make the most appropriate measurements to assess the data and advise as to what action to take to eliminate or mitigate the problem.
Occupational Hygiene Services

Emissions Monitoring

Also known as Stack Sampling or Source Testing, this is a requirement for many companies that have polluting manufacturing processes.

If you need a permit from your Local Authority to operate a polluting process involving emissions to atmosphere, it’s likely that you will need to measure the concentration of gases or particulate matter in the gas stream as it leaves your plant.

We can carry out the necessary measurements and help you fully comply with your permit conditions.

Emissions Monitoring

LEV Testing

If you have local exhaust ventilation (LEV) systems, be they spray booths, welding hoods, exhaust slots on degreasing-baths or larger multi-point systems, the law says they must be thoroughly examined and tested at least every 14 months.

Visit our website to see what our test entails.

LEV Testing

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