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Brighton and Hove Funeral Directors Brighton Funeral Directors, based in Hove on Portland Road, offers one of Brighton and Hove's leading funeral services. Arranging a funeral after the loss of a loved one will be one of the hardest things you 'll ever do, and we at Brighton Funeral Directors understand that. We can handle all of the funeral care and arrangements from the moment you instruct us. The options available to you will give you the ability to plan a service unique to you and your family, as there are no rules on what a funeral service should include. We at Brighton Funeral Services provide a unique service from the moment you contact us in order to honor the life of your loved one. Brighton Funeral Directors For Care, Compassion, and Choice Regardless of budget, Brighton Funeral Directors can help you plan a celebration of life service or something more traditional, cremation or burial. We will help you make all of the important decisions, and go over all of your options w ith you without leaving you feeling rushed during this delicate time. Regardless of what type of service you go with, from a small gathering at your own home on up to the full traditional service, we will help you make all the decisions. Our slogan is 'caring, compassion, and choice' for a reason, and we take great pride in being responsive and flexible to your wishes during this hard time. Traditional and Alternative Services The service we plan will depend largely on your loved one's last wishes. Brighton Funeral Directors is able to offer traditional funeral arrangements, that generally adhere to a time honoured, ceremonial funeral. These types of funerals often include a hearse, a minister to preside over the service and may include a local church. All of these elements, however, will be down to the family of the loved one, and depend on whether or not religion plays a part. The important thing is that you have the choice. If you're looking for a more personal service, alternative services are available and growing in popularity. We have many different options for personalizing the service and burial, including cremation, woodland (eco-friendly) burials, and sea burials, among others. Celebrant and Secular Funeral Services Celebrant services are more focused on the celebration of life and the life of the dead while still providing that time for family and friends to say goodbye. These funeral services can be secular or religion, whichever you prefer. Philip of Brighton Funeral Directors is a trained funeral celebrant and can help you create an inspirational celebration of the deceased's life. Brighton Funeral Directors will work closely with you on all funeral decisions to build a truly meaningful service. Funeral Directors Available 24 Hours a Day Call us anytime, twenty-four hours a day any day of the week, Brighton Funeral Directors is here to help. We offer services that include a female funeral operative who specializes in looking after your loved ones and carrying out any necessary preparations. We will be there for you from beginning to end through this difficult and trying time. If you wish to discuss these matters we offer a free no obligation consultation. For care, compassion, and choice you can call us anytime, night or day.

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