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Ever-shortening design and development timeframes of modern aerospace programs demand “right-first-time” engineering. Recognising that high quality, goal-focussed, time and cost-efficient testing is critical to meeting program milestones, Brüel & Kjær matches today’s engineering needs by providing high quality, user-friendly and seamless test, analysis, data storage and reporting capabilities.

As a key support partner, Brüel & Kjær systems help aerospace engineering companies produce right the first time, reduce development time and attain their goals.


We help airports manage their growth by ensuring regulatory compliance, minimising their environmental footprint and building strong community partnerships.

We work closely with our client base of over 230 airports on 5 continents to meet environmental challenges, both today and into the future.

We offer the industry's broadest and deepest suite of product and service solutions and we have now expanded to management of air quality and carbon emissions.

Airports face several environmental constraints including noise, local air and water quality, climate change, waste management, and community relations. Traditionally, noise has been the key environmental constraint to airport development and the overlap between noise, climate change and air quality requires airports to address each environmental challenge in a comprehensive framework.



The growing emphasis on passenger cars, trucks, motorcycles, busses, trains, etc., to be more pleasant and exciting to drive or ride while emitting less noise into the environment makes NVH a key differentiator for vehicle manufacturers. NVH engineering encompasses more than the implementation of a subjective list of features. Social, environmental, legislative and fiscal demands make NVH engineering a focus area for many manufacturers so that in the end, NVH engineers must also converge the following issues in their target setting: 

  • Dwindling oil resources is driving the development for more efficient powertrain designs
  • Growing interest in hybrid vehicles
  • Increasing traffic loads are putting high speed trains back on national agendas
  • Demands on lower noise in cities put strict requirements on exterior vehicle noise


Performance, Reliability, Monitoring
Brüel & Kjær supplies the aerospace and defence industry with tools and systems to measure and validate noise and vibration parameters to ensure reliability and high performance of military equipment, instrumentation and vehicles while withstanding often extreme conditions.

In addition, we specialise in systems that actively monitor and report noise and vibration under operations, in the workplace and the surrounding environment, to ensure stealth, help implement nuisance abatement and improvement programmes.

Standards Compliance
Whether turnkey solutions or dual-use application needs, Brüel & Kjær provides the defence sector with solutions that comply with common industry standards, such as MIL-810, NATO STANAG 1136 and AS/EN9100.

Brüel & Kjær continuously evaluates policies and applications against the requirements of International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and Export Administration Regulations (EAR). Brüel & Kjær recognizes the offset obligations of aerospace and defence companies and we work closely with the Danish Enterprise and Construction Authority to assist foreign companies in fulfilling the obligations entered in their Industrial Co-operation Contracts.



Industrialisation, dense urbanisation and the increasing transportation needs of people and goods, put sound and vibration issues on top of the environmental agenda. For the environmental engineer, this means taking part in:

  • Planning new developments of residential areas, industrial sites, highways, airports, etc.
  • Handling complaints from citizens, either during the planning process or afterwards
  • Assessing the compliance of noise sources according to regulations and legislation

To help respond to these challenges, Brüel & Kjær remains abreast of new standards, improves technologies and provides innovative solutions for the entire measurement chain - from single transducers to complete turnkey systems. Each customer’s needs are attended to ensure that the entire noise assessment and reduction process is easier, more efficient and adaptable for the environmental engineer - whether he performs one or multiple tasks.



Cross-platform features like smart phones, hands-free communication and telecoil devices push the envelope and make the world hungry for more innovations and conveniences. Thus, for manufacturers of telephones, loudspeakers, headphones, microphones and hearing-aids, a steady development of state-of-the-art technology and shortened time to market are requirements to survival.

Brüel & Kjær provides the whole measurement chain to Telecom & Audio customers - from transducers to measurement, analysis and reporting. From a wide range of individual products, integrated systems or customised turnkey solutions - the audio engineer can find the right tools for the comprehensive evaluation of electroacoustic devices:

  • A dedicated platform that includes couplers, microphones, amplifiers, analysers, calibrators, sound sources, and measurement and analysis software.
  • Specialised standards-based Telephone Test systems for all communication technologies, including GSM, UMTS, AMPS, CDMA, W-CDMA, Bluetooth® and VoIP.
  • Exceptional ear and mouth simulators that can be found in the laboratories of all industry leaders
  • Advanced material testing, modal analysis, sound quality and environmental solutions for reliable and efficient development, benchmarking, production and quality assurance testing


When your instrument has been calibrated at Brüel & Kjær, you have proof that it performs to specifications. Your instrument can, if necessary, be repaired while in our hands.

Accredited Calibration including measurement results (recommended)

  • Traceable to national institutes (DPLA, NIST, NPL, PTB)
  • The certificate will be accepted without discussion
  • Proof that calibration is in accordance with ISO quality standard
  • The certificate can be used as legal accepted documentation

Traceable Calibration including measurement results

  • Traceable to national institutes (DPLA, NIST, NPL, PTB)

Verification (no measurement results)

  • Country specific requirements (Legal Verification)
  • Instrument specifications (Conformance Test)

Hardware Maintenance

  • Repair by highly skilled technicians
  • Extension of manufacturer’s warranty
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